Seeking Record, Wrangled Reds Rooters Run Race Really Rapidly

Five awesome Reds fans and world record holders???

Five awesome Reds fans and world record holders???

So, according to Channel 5 news coverage of the Flying Pig Marathon this morning, these five guys were attempting to break a Guinness World Record for folks tied together and running a marathon for a certain time with a certain amount of folks tied together?? Yeah, they didn’t know what heck was going on. What OMGreds does in fact know is that these dudes were attempting a Guinness World Record while rockin’ singlets and shorts with Reds logos on them. AWESOME. We have no clue if they broke a record or not, but we sure as heck hope they did.

If you have any clue what was going on, let us know!! ballsout at

UPDATE: According to @Beamer1117 they did break the record!


  1. IdeaNo Gravatar

    I feel like Henry hill after jimmy the gent and them pulled the Lufthansa heist.

  2. That’s not you in the middle Dan?

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    @Brian – Ha! Nope, that’s not me. Not this year, at least!

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