Roll Dis!

You know, it’s obligatory that we post this little episode from Aroldis Chapman last night. I mean, OMG, where did that come from? The double forward somersault to celebrate a game-ending strikeout? Has that ever been done before?

As a fan, it’s pretty fun and understandable that Chapman would have some pent-up frustration to let go of in a big way after a successful outing like that. If I were a teammate though, I would have chewed him out once we got in the clubhouse. It’s hard to have it both ways, right? Safe to say that we won’t be seeing that again. Now, on Knothole league fields around the Cincinnati area this summer? Good luck coaches!!


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    First off, he looked stupid doing it. I mean, really stupid.

    BUT…I don’t see the big deal from a “celebration” standpoint. How is this any different than Kirk Gibson’s fist pumps after his pinch-hit homer in the ’88 Series? Or BP sliding into second with his hands behind his head on what should be a stand-up double (I’ve only seen him do this once, maybe he was sternly disciplined by the esteemed Dusty afterward)? Or players getting mobbed at home plate after a walk-off home run, having their jersey ripped off of them?

    He did a somersault. Give the guy a break.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    JT, I think the biggest difference is that he looked really stupid doing it :) The things you point out, with the exception of BP’s slide, are things that happen on a somewhat regular basis and are excepted celebrations in baseball. Guys get mobbed on the field after game winning hits. Guys pump their fists after home runs or even just big hits. BP’s slide was a little show-y, but really wasn’t that big of a deal. Somersaults off the mound after a save? Yeah, pretty corny, extremely individualistic and purposeful.

    That said, the whole thing was pretty innocent and child-like, and will blow over extremely quickly. Heck, it already has, right? So, I give the guy a break :)

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