Rosie! Oh my…

How baseballs are made by Craig Robinson

How baseballs are made by Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball

Ever wonder how baseballs are made? Stitched by hand? Not really. Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyin’ (one of my favorite websites, btw) lets us in on the secret. Seems that our very own Rosie Red has been sneaking around with the dreaded Mr. Met.

Speaking of Craig, make sure you check out his book, Flip Flop Fly Ball. Great stuff!


  1. Aherr44No Gravatar

    In the words of George Takei… OH MY!!!

  2. I’ve met Rosie…several times in fact…and I just refuse to believe this. No way. Plus my kids love her and this would break their little hearts. I mean MR. MET?! What a tool bag that mascot is.

  3. BenNo Gravatar

    why is the title of the post “Roise”? Are you on a different first name basis with Rosie than I am? haha

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Ben OMG – Can’t believe I didn’t catch that. Duh :)

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