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Reds Wiffle Classic

Another Reds Summer Wiffle Classic, another great time had. For the third year in a row, OMGreds fielded a team of properly-jerseyed gents to compete against some of the best Wiffle Ball teams in the area, and beyond.

With the field set at 53 teams, OMG looked to cut through the competition like a hot butter knife. After a 1-1-1 record in Saturday morning’s pool play, we realized once again that we’re merely mortal. Our mild success during the initial round earned us a #21 seed and a chance to make some hay in the tournament bracket.

Reality set in once again as we found ourselves behind during our first tournament game going into the bottom of the 4th and final inning. OMG rallied to pull the score even and Rob smacked a game-winning homer the next inning to advance us. Maybe Rosie little visit was good luck?

Our next round draw pitted us against a team mostly from the New York area, HOTDAM, who sported coordinated uniforms with pretty much the most badass Wiffle Ball logo of all time on their sleeves. Let me tell you, their team was as good as their logo, and then some. We battled ’em four long innings, but lost a heart-breaker 1-0. HOTDAM ended up losing in the finals, so at least we went down to some quality competition.

We did some winning on the field, but we were also winning off the field. I purchased a few raffle tickets (funds benefiting the Reds Community Fund) and ended up scoring a beautifully-signed Jay Bruce baseball. #Winning!

Thanks again to the Reds Community Fund for having us again this year. Always a great time… win, lose or draw. We’re already looking forward to playing next year.

Btw, the fellas from HOTDAM let us know about Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Ball Tournament held in Essex, Vermont. Tournament games are held in replicas of Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. Rad! Check out this Uni Watch story from 2007 for some details and video. You nerds out there will enjoy.

2012 Reds Summer Wiffle Classic Results

HR Derby Champion:

  • Jordan Baker (14)

Adult Division:

  1. Bluebirds (19)
  2. HOTDAM (9)
  3. Suns Out Guns Out (10)
  4. Stillwell Angels (20)

Youth Division:

  1. Grizzlies
  2. Weaver Fever
  3. Great Thunder Racoons
  4. Galligators

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  1. Excellent! Thanks Dan and the gang. Great showing boys!

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