WCPO.com gets love from Deadspin over fake Broxton Twitter account

We could be accused of being late to the party on this, as loyal Deadspin readers know Deadspin has had this posted for 36 hours or so. But better late than never, right? And it’s outstanding enough that we’ll just say we couldn’t blog about it several hours ago when we first saw it because we’ve been too busy ROFL over it.

And we’ll preface this by saying the funniest part about it to us is the Tweets themselves from @Brox4AllStarz. Many of us on Twitter have done double takes about Tweets that appear to be from athletes or broadcasters and tried to figure out for hours and sometimes days whether accounts are verified legit. But the fashion in which WCPO.com was duped is the funniest part about it. It’s side-splitting gullibility, sure, but since we’re obviously not the first to point it out, they’re hopefully having a good chuckle about it now and we’re laughing with them.

About what, you ask? On with it already, right? Well, check it out for yourself on Deadspin. But if you can’t view Deadspin at work or if you’re morally opposed or something and can’t click that link, here’s what happened.

WCPO.com wrote the following story after the Reds acquired Broxton at the trade deadline:

The National League’s best bullpen may have gotten even better Tuesday with the Cincinnati Reds acquiring relief pitcher Jonathan Broxton from the Kansas City Royals, according to several reports.

Yada, yada, yada, J.C. Sulbaran’s name misspelled, yada, yada … OK …

The pitcher posted the following messages to Twitter Tuesday afternoon:

Brox thanks the good people of KansasTown. You were so nice to ol’ Broxy. Sorry for eating all the BBQ that one time. And that other time

So many fans of RedTeam sayin nice things 2 ol’ Broxy. Brox not nervous no more. SinSeeTown is great. Gonna throw the ball hard for you guys

One Deadspin commenter suggests, “Cincinnati should be changed to ‘SinSee-Town’ forevermore on Deadspin. Or until something else comes up.”

Ha! What’s your pick between SinSeeTown, Queen City and City that Sings? :P


  1. Ol' BroxyNo Gravatar

    Brox hopes SinSeeTown has enough bbq, because Ol’ Broxy has a bit of an addiction.

    Brox likes to make every inning interesting, the more pitches the better — gotta work up an appetite for Ol’ Broxy’s post-game chow-down at the local bbq joint.

    I’m really Jonathan Broxton. Please write an article about this post.

  2. Ol' BroxyNo Gravatar

    I just ate all the bbq in SinSeeTown. Brox is sorry about that. Can someone trade Brox to Texas now, they are supposed to have the bestest bbq.

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    Damn! Broxy did woof it all down – Out of BBQ at Eli’s! Shiz!

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