Field Notes "Day Game" edition

Field Notes

I’ve always had an affinity for Field Notes but hadn’t picked up a set of their smartly-designed notebooks yet. Any of the fun limited-edition notepads I liked either sold out before I could jump on them, or they just weren’t the design I was looking for. That changed today.

Enter Field Notes “Game Day” edition. The baseball-inspired edition includes three memo books, each with a different color cover: Outfield Green, Infield Brown, and Hardball White. Hell yeah! These books are perfect for scoring baseball games, compiling fantasy baseball notes, Flip Flop Fly Ball doodles or just looking cool while taking notes at boring all-office meetings at work (aka Fantasy baseball notes).

This set is extra special, though. It comes with the first edition of Kevin Guilfoile’s A Drive into the Gap from FIELD NOTES BRAND BOOKS. Bonus! Check out a short film about the book here.

I highly recommend you pick this edition up.


  1. Never heard of these…where do you get them? They are blank pages for taking notes I’m assuming?

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Brian – You can order them at The inside pages are not blank, but have a dot pattern on them. Pretty cool.

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