Cincinnati Reds Barry Larkin 1991


According to, the Reds will be sporting throwback uniforms against the Phillies on August 22 in Philadelphia. In celebration of their third place finish in the NL East (?), the Phils will be donning some pretty sweet pin-stripe maroons with the Reds sporting the those v-neck grey numbers like Barry is wearing above.

Interestingly, also points out that on the same exact date in 1991, the Reds and Phillies played a Turn Back the Clock game, recreating looks from 1957! Crazy!

The Reds last dipped into the pull-over era for a 2009 game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh. That match-up featured unis from 1979 and a slightly different version of the road grey pullover. Two major differences – the sleeve cuffs on the ’79 version are red/white while the 1991 model is red/white/red. Also, “CINCINNATI” on the 1991 version uses a white outline while the ’70s version is just a single layer of red.

The Reds last played in the throwback game against the Brewers in 2011 and last threw back at home during the 2010 MLB Civil Rights Game.

OMGreds always enjoys a Reds throwback, even on the road. We’re looking for a 1995 throwback in honor of Barry… Still time to pull that off for the August 25 celebration?

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