The Reds Woooo Man

Woooo is Us

It may have started in Pittsburgh, but Cincinnati is catching “Wooooo” (or is it a “howl?“) fever.

It all started in the late innings of Monday night’s 14 inning victory over the Pirates at GABP, but not everyone in Reds Country is embracing the trend. We can understand. It’s not exactly original and kinda annoying, but dangit, we’re having fun here! Let’s embrace the “Wooooo!” and roll on into the postseason.



  1. Lori RhodesNo Gravatar

    My Avid Red’s Fan Hubby, Duane Rhodes (the redheaded howler) you’ve been seeing on the Net & TV! Who’d of thought!!!

  2. Jason BrandeburgNo Gravatar

    when I hear the “WOOOoo” it sounds like the Terry Tate office linebacker commercials from 2002…google it, its dead on!!!

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    Lori – Thanks for dropping us a line! Duane is now the face of a great Reds movement, soak it up! How much fun are we having right now? What a great season.

    Jason – Dude, LOVE those Terry Tate commercials. YOU KNOW YOU NEED A COVER SHEET ON YOUR TPS REPORTS! RICHARD!

  4. duane rhodesNo Gravatar

    hey guys its me the wooo! man lets have some fun and roll on in to the playoffs. awesome season! wooo!

  5. DanNo Gravatar

    Hey Duane! Thanks for stopping by. Keep up the Woooo! We better see you at every Reds game in Cincinnati the rest of the season!

  6. duane rhodesNo Gravatar

    wish i could dan that would be awesome.unfortunately got to go to work. lol not complaining though, but i will be there saturday against the dodgers. i never miss a game on tv. magic number 5! woooo!


  8. duane rhodesNo Gravatar

    hey dan would be glad to meet you if possible i will be sitting behind the redlegs dougout 9/22 this is only my third game ever attending and i cant wait.i was eleven and twelve when they won the 75 ,76 world series i tried out for the reds in the fall of 1981. and even though i didnt make it and will be a fan till i die. awesome team this year. go redlegs! woooo!

  9. DanNo Gravatar

    Hey Duane! Not sure I’ll be at the 9/22 game. If I am, I’ll track you down. Have fun!

  10. duane rhodesNo Gravatar

    hey dan i say lets clinch 9/22 and get it over with hope your there i will be having fun my friend. go redlegs! woooo!

  11. duane rhodesNo Gravatar

    ooops! ment to say 1982. was a awesome clinching game dan just want to say thanks and wish i could have met you, it was unreal too me all the fans that reconized me and wanted pictures. i even got a couple free beers. lol the wooo! should only be used if we get excited and there was alot of fans excited for sure. go redlegs woooo!

  12. BenNo Gravatar

    I’m sorry, but the Woooo was funny the first few times last night (9/23), but after the drunk guy and gal doing it nonstop for the whole game and increasing to more of a dying animal and louder and just doing it to annoy people and get attention, I wanted to throw them both down the concrete steps. Uncalled for rage?

  13. duaneNo Gravatar

    i agree ben the woooo is intended for excitement like a homerun or a strikeout or maybe after a win. but not for annoyment.

  14. chrisNo Gravatar

    Hey, I know this “woooo” guy! Lol
    I’ll be watching.

  15. duaneNo Gravatar

    Hey Chris my friend how are you? Go redlegs! Woooo!

  16. duaneNo Gravatar

    Its almost spring 2013 and im ready for some Redleg baseball! WOOOO!

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