The Reds Miracle Pancake. Reds WS Champs in '13. Put butter on it.

Reds Miracle Pancake

Reds fan Joel Knueven feels pretty good about the Reds’ chances at winning a World Series title this season.

The acquisition of Choo? Votto at full strength? Chapman to the bullpen?

No. Nope. Not really.

His breakfast told him.

While making chocolate chip pancakes with his son the morning of Sunday, March 24, Knueven flipped one over and right in the middle of the flap jack was a wishbone “C”.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways, I’m just glad that my pancake batter ladle was chosen as the conduit through which this covenant was made with Reds faithful” said Knueven.

We wonder if Aunt Jemima had a hand in this?

“This was NOT planned, nor did I use some template to try to create it–it looks so dead on that people have asked me that question.”

He’s right, that’s a pretty darn legit wishbone “C” gracing the fluffy goodness of his family’s breakfast.

Cincinnati Reds Miracle Pancake

Reds Miracle Pancake (photo: Joel Knueven)

Of course, there have been quite a few “miracle” food items surface around the globe. This is the first we’ve seen of one prophetsizing the fate of a sports team*, let alone our Redlegs.

While Knueven realizes this supernatural memento is ridiculous, he’s having fun with the whole thing and has plans. It’s currently listed on eBay ($50 starting bid) and he plans to donate the proceeds the Reds Community Fund. Currently, the Reds Miracle Pancake is being preserved in deep freeze while awaiting its final… altar?

“It’s more than a pancake….it’s a prophecy!”

Get in on this. You’ll be a part of history.

*Actually, we have no clue. Has there been an SF Giants Miracle Danish or St. Louis Cardinals Miracle Chicken Roast or anything like that?


  1. Love this….love that it’s for the Reds Community Fund too! While I’m loving things…love the new site! Good work.

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