Opening Day 2013 print from Powerhouse Factories

Opening Day print from Powerhouse

Our friends at Powerhouse Factories have released a limited edition print in celebration of Opening Day. $25 will allow you to throw this bad boy on the wall of your RedsCave™.

Hold on, did the Red in the picture miss the ball? Is that Vada Pinson? Better not be a sign, PHF, or we’re comin’ to get ya!

Pick up your print from, while supplies last.


  1. It looks like Vada, but it could be Bobby Tolan too. Both were lefty and both were #28 and both wore that uniform. It looks a little more like Vada, but from that angle, I suppose it could still be Tolan, pre-sideburns.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    My guess was Vada as well. I had that in the post, but took it out since I wasn’t 100% sure. Same with Tolan.

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