• bog-boy_01The new Frisch's Big Boy statue outside section 119
  • bog-boy_02All smiles from Big Boy
  • bog-boy_03Sporting the #46 on his back - The first year the Big Boy sandwich was served.
  • bog-boy_04Era-appropriate stirrups and spikes!
  • bog-boy_05Get your Big Boy sandwich at the Frisch's located outside section 119 or section 130.

Big Boy Statue at GABP

This was done right! Kudos to Frisch’s and GABP. Big Boy is sporting a 70s-era poly uniform design, complete with stirrups and spikes. The #46 on his back represents the year the iconic Big Boy Sandwich made its debut. Or, is it a reference to the late Randy “Macho Man” Savage*? Either way, Great look!

*We kid, we kid!

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