Topps Big League Minis

Get Votto on Vinyl

Well, more like, in vinyl.

Topps is releasing a set of 3-inch vinyl figures ala Kidrobot called “Big League Minis” featuring 28 players from around the league. The blind-boxes are $6.99 and aparently available at Dick’s Sporting Goods right now, though the release date is set for June 12.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for years for a mash-up of Kidrobot and MLB and this is the closest we may get. If you’re tired of bobbleheads (I’m sure someone out there is, right?) this might be the tchotchke for you.

I haven’t seen one in person, but the images release so far, and in-hand photos over at Big League Stew show a rather cartoonish design. They’re likely aimed at the youth market, radically different than the very adult leaning Kidrobot phenomenon.

At nearly $7 a pop, we’re guessing it’s a bit much for kids and their parents to buy more then a few. The kid-targeted design may be a turnoff to many adult collectors that would otherwise jump all over these. We’ll see how it shakes out, eh?

No worries Reds fans, Joey Votto makes an appearance in the set. Hopfully he’ll make an appearance next to the Barry Larkin Starting Lineup figure on your desk at work.

Joey Votto and David Wright Topps Big League Minis

Joey Votto and David Wright. (photo: Big League Stew)

They’re a nice step up from the Reds mascot vinyl figure pictured below. Mr. Redlegs and Rosie were purchased at the Reds team store, Mr. Red and Gapper where a kids-only stadium giveaway during the 2012 season. OMGjr likes them, so they’re good to go in our house.

Reds mascot vinyl figures. Mr Redlegs, Rosie, Gapper Mr Red

Reds mascot vinyl figures.

If you want to see an adult rip a pack, Beckett’s Chris Olds has you covered…

A checklist for Big League Minis can be found at The Cardboard Connection.

h/t: Our friends at Urban Vinyl Daily.

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  1. I would just like to point out that contrary to what the guy in the video says about the reason for a hole being in the bottom for display, it is the same reason a rubber duck has a hole in the bottom: That is how they are manufactured through injection/blow molding.

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