Free corndogs

Does anyone else think of this scene from “Semi-Pro” every time GABP erupts with the Reds’ 11th strikeout of the game? (Warning: Two very brief instances of NSFW language in the clip)

“We don’t even GOT corndogs!”

Just a reminder from LaRosa’s website: Your ticket from the 11+-strikeout game is only good at a participating LaRosa’s from the day after the qualifying strikeout game for 7 days after the game. (So it’s not like you can hang onto it until June or July and then redeem it.)

So here are the tickets (if you keep all of your ticket stubs like we do but don’t sort them into pizza and non-pizza piles) that are still good for a small 4-topping pie:

5/6 vs. Braves

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