Reds Summer Wiffle Classic

2013 Reds Summer Wiffle Classic

The Reds Summer Wiffle Classic is back! One of OMGreds favorite events, this year’s edition will be held on Saturday, July 27th at the Blue Ash Sports Center – A different venue from year’s past. Yep, that’s the park that has the replica of Crosley Field. OMGreds will be fielding a team once again. We hope to see you out there!

When: Saturday July 27th

Where: Blue Ash Sports Center (Map)

Website: (rules, registration, time, misc info)

Cost: $125 per team (Includes round robin and single elimination games, t-shirt for each player and a ticket to a Reds game for each player)

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  1. joeNo Gravatar

    we are going to take you down to pound town.

    This tournament needs some trash talking! GRRR! IM ANGRY!

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