New Food at GABP

OMGreds had to opportunity to taste many of the new food offerings that will be at Great American Ball Park this year during the recent “2014 Media Tasting.” This season will see a lot of great additions to the ballpark menu. Here are some of the highlights:

Taste of Belgium Waffles

Dubbed “The Official Waffle of the Cincinnati Reds” the up-and-coming Cincinnati brand, Taste of Belgium, will be peddling their famous waffles at Reds game. This is huge for us at OMGreds – We’ve been fans of ToB for years. Not only will you be able to pick up a waffle (with toppings) to snack on, they’ll also be offering their popular Waffle ‘n’ chicken: Chicken breast on a waffle with Ohio maple syrup and hot sauce. Pair that with a side order of frites – twice-fried French Belgian fries and you’ve got a heck of a ballpark meal.

You can find Taste of Belgium waffles at the ballpark behind section 133 on the first base concourse.

Taste of Belgium’s menu at GABP

Waffle – $5.00
Chocolate & Cream Waffle – $7.00
Strawberry & Cream Waffle – $7.00
Waffle & Chicken – $10.00
Frites – $7.00

The Bacon

Holy moly. “The Bacon” is a monster. It’s a BLT with extra, extra, extra bacon. A pound of bacon, in fact. Lettuce, tomato and pepper mayo on an artisan roll round out the sandwich while being paired with chips, pickle and potato salad. The potato salad is totally ninja. While you’re awe-struck by the sandwich, the potato salad totally sneaks up on you – It’s fantastic. Make sure you save room for it. This insane concoction is available at The Machine Room. Good thing, since you’ll need to sit down for this one.

Baja Tacos

I remember having a fish taco at Peco Park in 2003 and thinking how exotic it was to have one at a ballgame. Fast forward a few years and GABP has its own very solid offing. Also available in the Machine Room, this double-shelled taco features battered fish, cabbage, queso fresco, pico and baja sauce. It’s a great alternative to the typical ballpark hotdog and burger fare. Give it a whirl.

The Chipper

The Chipper just might be our go-to snack at ballgames this year. Saratoga chips are served “nacho-style” with pulled pork, nacho cheese, pickled jalapeño peppers and red onions. De-lish! It comes in two sizes – a single-serve smaller size and a larger, more sharable version. Don’t sleep on these, give them a try during one of you first games of the year.

Smoked Cardinal

Mr. Red’s Smokehouse has been clutch for OMGreds the past few seasons. Those night when we’re doing “dinner at the ball park” Red’s is usually our go-to choice. A feature this season will be the “Smoked Cardinal” – An item that is not only delicious, but you can also take your anger out on. Just taking a bite conjures up fantasies of eating Tony LaRussa’s face off… oh. That’s just me? Sorry. I digress. The Smoked Cardinal is damn good. Just get one.

1900 Burger

If you venture up the Riverfront Club – it is open to everyone, after all – make sure you give the 1900 burger a try. It’s hefty slab of meat served with house Cheez Whiz, grilled onions (love!), tomato, house white bread and house chips. If you’re able to “house” this big-boy you’ll likely not eat the rest of the day – it’s one heck of a burger. The burger is part of The Riverfront Club’s new “Our New Gastro Pub Bar Menu” also featuring the “RFC Bucket” with buttermilk fried game hen. Wow!

Hand Rolled Sushi

We still can’t get over how Paul Daughtery made such a big deal about sushi being available at GABP a few years ago. I personally think it’s a great option at a ballgame. Now, while it was nice to grab a sushi roll at the UDF stands, the several times I tried them they just weren’t up to par. But, this season, you’ll be able to snack on fresh, hand-rolled at the ball park sushi – just as the baseball gods intended. Rolls will be available at concession stands around the ballpark, so give it shot.

Here’s a full list of new offerings available at GABP this summer.


  • Mr. Red’s Smoke House (The Smoked Cardinal, Pulled Pork Platter with Mac and Cheese)
  • Queen City (Beer Brat & Goetta Burger)
  • The Long Bar (60 Taps & 23 different beers)
  • Taste of Belgium (Featuring their Waffle)
  • Hand Rolled Sushi (Available through the ballpark)
  • The Chipper (Pulled Pork, Nacho Cheese, Pickled Jalapeno Peppers & Red Onions)

Riverfront Club (Featuring Our New Gastro Pub Bar Menu)

  • 1900 Burger (House Cheez Whiz, Grilled Onion, Tomato House White Bread, House Chips)
  • RFC Bucket (Buttermilk Fried Game Hen, Sriracha Pickle Chips, Maple Gravy, House Chips)
  • Cheese & Tomato (Brioche, Grafton Cheddar and Candied Bacon with Tomato Soup and House Chips)


  • Spanish Sampler (Roasted Vegetable Empanadas, Carne Diablo Short Ribs & Chicken Taquitos)
  • Skins Trio (Our Three Signature Potato Treats)
  • Batch Cocktails (Rum Punch, Red Sangria & Electric Strawberry Lemonade)
  • Rum Raisin Crisp (Oats and Brown Sugar with Chantilly Cream)

The Machine Room

  • Pickle Chips (Cilantro Ranch)
  • Baja Tacos (Battered Fish, Cabbage, Queso Fresco, Pico & Baja Sauce)
  • The Big Red Burger (Sriracha Mayo, Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers & Fried Onions)
  • The Bacon (1 Pound of Sliced Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Pepper Mayo on an Artisan Roll w/ Chips, Pickle & Potato Salad)


We snapped a few pics of the new food to be sampled at GABP this season. Take a look…

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