199C at BLDG in Covington, KY

199C Rocked It

Baseball season kicked off a few days early in Covington with the opening of 199C at BLDG on Friday night. Wiffle Ball in the street, cold beer in the tubs, fantastic artwork on the walls and face-melting music fueled a night of celebration all for the love of baseball.

Cafe Lang Thang and Marty’s Waffles were on hand to dish out their tasty items while Automagik kicked out the jams. Speaking of, check their cover of 700 WLW’s jingle, “The Reds are on the Radio”

The Reds Are On The Radio! from BLDG on Vimeo.

If you missed the opening, you can still see the show and purchase art or prints through April 25. BLDG gallery hours are 9-6 Monday through Friday or by appointment. Contact info@bldgrefuge.com to make an appointment and more information can be found here. Prints and that awesome hat are now available on BLDG’s online shop.

A few photos from the show for ya…

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