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10-game win streak > 5-game losing streak

Fear not, Reds fans. You win ten games in a row and 15 of 16 so that it doesn’t kill you to lose five in a row. Would the Reds prefer to avoid a five-game losing skid? Of course. But they’ve got a 2.5-game lead in the Central through Game 112 of the season. If I’d told you exactly three weeks ago – when the Reds had a .5 game lead – that their lead would be 2.5 games on Aug. 9, you’d take it, right?

Some glass-half-full observations from tonight:

• 3 hits from Brandon Phillips, who had had just one in 11 at-bats since returning from injury. With BP hitting and Votto almost back, I’m keeping the faith.

• Gotta love another lead-off home run from Zack Cozart in the 1st. The crazy and tough-to-swallow stat about Cozart home runs: Of his 15 career home runs (two in 2011, and 13 this season), do you know how many have come with runners on base? One (6/3/12 in Houston off Jordan Lyles). I know solo home runs are to be expected from a lead-off batter, but it’s pretty nuts that 14 of his 15 career homers have been solo shots.

• Granted, it WAS the John Morrell Hot Dog Play of the Game. But the 6-3-5 double play – where Cozart threw out Soriano at first and then Cairo gunned out Rizzo at third (with a perfect tag by Frazier) was very impressive.

• Also pretty was Mesoraco’s grab right next to the dugout, with the ball just barely in play on David DeJesus’ foul out in the 6th.

Welsh’s “Huh?” remark of the game:

As we’ve said before, we are Chris Welsh fans and we enjoy the analysis and insight he provides during the broadcast despite his questionable fashion sense. That said, about 2 to 5 times each game, he says something that makes us respond with either “Huh?” or “Wha?” Tonight, Welsh suggested that Mesoraco could’ve used the concussion he sustained against the Padres as a defense to explain why he went berserk and bumped umpire Chad Fairchild, resulting in his suspension. Really?

It is worth pointing out that Welsh was right on the money in his praise of Xavier Paul for taking as he led off against Carlos Marmol in the ninth and delivering a great at-bat that resulted in an infield single. Facing Marmol, I’m not sure why on earth you WOULDN’T take until you got a strike, especially with that strike zone as tight as it was. (Cozart, therefore, also deserves praise for his four-pitch walk against Marmol with two outs in the ninth.)

‘Catching Hell’ review

“Catching Hell” – the ESPN documentary about Steve Bartman and Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS – is a must-watch. Some observations and highlights (and, don’t worry, some Reds-related stuff):


• Alex Gibney did an outstanding job with this. And you can’t help but agree with him when he sums it up by saying, “Should Cubs fans forgive Bartman? No. Because, really, it’s up to Bartman to forgive Chicago.” My only criticism is that it could have been about 45 minutes shorter.

A half-hour into it, they’re STILL talking about Bill Buckner and the ’86 Red Sox and I’m thinking, “Wait. I could’ve sworn this was supposed to be about Bartman.” I totally get the comparisons between Game 6 of the ’86 World Series and Game 6 of the ’03 NLCS. And I get that Buckner was a former Cub (wearing a Cubs wristband) when the infamous ball between the legs happened. And I thought it was great that “Catching Hell” included a couple of soundbites from Buckner that specifically were about Bartman. But 98 percent of the stuff about Buckner from “Catching Hell” was just about Buckner and 1986. It was WAY too much Buckner. It was great stuff, don’t get me wrong, but PLEASE make a completely separate documentary about Buckner instead of trying to force it into a documentary about the Bartman game.

Only other criticism (also related to the length of the documentary)? Jumped the shark a little with the minister from Rocky River, OH (who had delivered a sermon about Bartman) talking about the religious aspects of scapegoats. Could’ve left all that out, or at least warned me that I could go use the restroom without having to hit pause on the DVR.

But like I said, other than that, it was pretty outstanding.

• It’s amazing how much things have changed in less than 8 years. In October of 2003, Bartman was referred to as the mystery fan on the news more than 24 hours after it happened. If that play happened in 2011, we’d have a TweetUp involving Bartman and all of the fans surrounding him at least before the end of the game and probably while the Marlins were still pounding the crap out of the Flubs in the top of the 8th inning.

• What’s with all of the current “Reds” who were involved in the Bartman game? You’ve got Dontrelle Willis, who started for the Marlins. (It was a no-decision for D-Train and “Catching Hell” just shows him in game action before the 8th inning.)

You’ve got Dusty Baker, then the Cubs’ manager. (“Catching Hell” kinda makes Dusty look bad by including his famous post-game quote (when asked if he had a message for Bartman), “The only words I have is, maybe he was a Marlins fan.”

And, of course, you’ve got Thom Brennaman, who called the game along with Steve Lyons for FOX. (Thom gets a pass; while Lyons was obviously one of the four or five key subjects interviewed for the documentary, Thom wasn’t interviewed; and the Bartman-related soundbites from Thom that they included were not particularly damning.) They obviously included Thom’s famous, “Again in the air, down the left field line. Alou reaching into the stands and couldn’t get it and is livid with a fan” and “And that’s a Cubs fan who tried to make that catch.” It’s not like you get to hear what Thom and “Psycho” Lyons say during the entire rest of the game during “Catching Hell” (maybe if they’d spent a little less time on Buckner :) But it seemed like Thom stayed relatively neutral. And definitely didn’t say anything as bad as Lyons’ infamous, “Why? I’m surprised someone hasn’t thrown that fan onto the field.” (Lyons, by the way, comes off looking surprisingly good and sympathetic in the documentary.)

They do include Thom leading off the 8th inning with this:

39,577 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, for Game 6 of this National League Championship Series. On this October 14, 2003. It was on this date in 1908, 95 years ago today, that the Cubs defeated the Detroit Tigers 2-0, to wrap up their second straight World Series championship. With a victory tonight — as he said, he did not go around on the pitch there — with a chance to win their first title since this day, 1908.

(Others, by the way, who played in Game 6 who either had previously or later went on to play for the Reds include Juan Encarnacion, Jeff Conine, Alex Gonzalez (not the Cubs shortstop who booted the double-play ball and easily could have been the goat if not for Bartman but the OTHER shortstop named Alex Gonzalez), Paul Bako and Mike Remlinger.)


• The female security guard who escorted Bartman out of Wrigley and spent time with him and whose apartment Bartman hid out at briefly while watching TV coverage of the play provided outstanding insight. Gibney & Co. also got outstanding insight from the fans who were seated near Bartman.

• Moises Alou acknowledging that he and Aramis Ramirez had booked tickets back to the Dominican Republic even before Game 7 they were so sure that the Cubs were destined to lose the series after Game 6. If I were a Cubs fan, I think I would’ve rather heard something along the lines of Alou regretting that he threw the tantrum and cursed and glared at Bartman. Learning instead that he and his teammate had little to no confidence in their team heading into Game 7 of the NLCS might arouse my ire a little.

Then again, Alou is the same guy who in 2008 was quoted by the Associated Press as saying, “You know what the funny thing is? I wouldn’t have caught it, anyway.” Then he later insisted he didn’t remember saying that.

• Rod Blagojevich’s soundbite where he says if Bartman was ever convicted of a crime, he would never get a pardon from the governor. Hahaha … Blago … once a jackass, always a jackass. And the footage they showed in “Catching Hell” where you can hear some of the horrible, awful things fans at Wrigley were saying to Bartman offered great perspective and illustrated just how despicable some people were as far as how they treated Bartman that night and what they wanted to do to him.

The question is…

Reds t-shirt - "Beat The Cubs"
What shall we beat them with?

From the Official Reds Twitter:

1st 700 fans to buy tix this a.m. at GABP for Saturday’s #Reds game get this “Beat the Cubs” shirt –

How ’bout it? Tee or not, let’s get some Reds fans in the seats this weekend and show the Cubbies wazzup.

UPDATE: The shirt in action.


OMGreds - Back in Red
Hey folks, thanks for playing along with our little gag. Don’t worry, none of us are defecting from our Reds fandom anytime soon.

We can’t let this opportunity go without thanking the other Reds blogs out there and the love they gave us when we played dead Wednesday. Plus, all our fans on the Tweetz. There were a few of you that “Made the Call” – @mikerrr (via DM), @bigleaguestew and @dmoody. But, the outpour of angst about our shuttering was heart-warming. You guys are all the best. We feel like jerks now :) haha

To all the folks out there that knew it was a joke the whole time and thought it was lame: That’s cool too.

But, How Could We Leave?
Really, how could we leave when shizz like this is going down? Um… we’re not taking credit here, but… yeah… we’re not here to talk about the past.

Opening Night
A.K.A. Game Two: Two Cold to Hold. We’ll be hitting up the game with our H-Skillets over at Red Reporter for the Reds Polyfleecie Spree. Really though, what are the odds that Joe “My Honda Don’t Want None” Morgan will sign my ‘72 Topps? Slim? None? In one in a hundred? Whatever. We may even have some buttons with us, so come ready with your stoopid human tricks tuned up and ret to go.

But The Joke’s On Us
Well, here’s the funny thing – when we made a quick check on our traffic numbers, we were stunned how many visitors we were getting on the day we S that D. Well, after some quick analysis, it was obvious that all the traffic we were getting was from folks searching for “Kiana Kim” and landing here and/or here. Haha… looks like Kiana was back in the news this week, as she and Pete were on Stern Tuesday and announced that Kiana was going to appear in Playboy. Looks like our Googling homeboys where hoping to get a peek to see how huuuuuuuge Kiana’s tracks of land really are. Well, there ya go – looks like the egg was really on our face. haha.

On a Personal Note
Even though baseball season is about to unleash its wrath on us soon, OMGreds might be a wee bit quieter in the coming months. My wife and I are expecting our first child on 4/11 – It’s a boy and he’s a first baseman. Can’t wait. So, I’ll be tied up with that for a little while (life) and might not make it to the ballpark as much this season. Full reports on the quality of the family restrooms at GABP are coming your way though. The rest of the OMGreds staff will be taking care of you… just with less fake mustache and more real beard.

Alright, folks

Damn Cubs fans and their damn Snuggies - FAIL!
Okay Reds fans, you’re being testing right now. Our team just dunn got swept by the Brew, our savior Joey Votto is on the DL for some mysterious reason and we’re heading into St. Louis to face serial Reds Killer A. Pujols and he band of merry chubs.

This is where a hell of a lot of Reds fans will be jumping off ye ol’ bandwagon.

We can’t let it happen though. The Reds will be back in town this weekend with the Cubs and their damn fans and their damn Snuggies coming with them. We should never have to say this, but we have to rally. Get your butt down to the ballpark this weekend, get your Reds gear on and root your ass off. You and the greater ‘Nati area will be better for it. Shut the Cubs fans out of our park. We don’t want to see any blue there this weekend.

Plus, there’s some nice swag being handed out this weekend. You know us, we’re suckers for free crap. Saturday is baseball card night. Sweet! Sunday the Reds are giving fans a matted photo of Joey Votto… with 500 of them actually signed by the man, himself. Can you believe that? MATTED! Those things are expensive at Michael’s (make sure you bring a coupon, that always helps). Too bad JV won’t be in the house for all that jazz. And, if that wasn’t enough, mister 50-homers-in-a-season George Foster will be signing autos and kissing babies in the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum before the game on Saturday. Make sure to wish him luck on Dancing with the Stars.

And who doesn’t want to see the Reds beat the hell out of Dempster? Friday night – It’s on!


Cubs Suck written in snow at Busch Stadium in St. Louis
Hat tip: Urban Prankster > Via Home Run Derby.

Fukudome traded to Reds

Fukudome, yo!

“Paging Kosuke Fukudome, paging Kosuke Fukudome … Please report to the Cincinnati Reds. You have been traded for a player to be named later.”

LOL… Nice prank.

Come on Cueto!

Johnny Cueto
Homie, let’s do it tonight. I’m going to the game tonight… with a Cubs fan… that I owe a beer. It’s already stacking up to be a bad night. How about we snap this streak and put a beatdown on DUMPstar and the sCrubs. Harness the power of Mario Soto!

Anyways, I’ll be posting anything interesting up on the photoblog tonight.

Go Reds!


Marty Brennaman, Folks!
Brennamaina… it’s running wild right now, folks. Check out this Cubs fan and his take on the whole Marty/Cubs fan thingiamajig. He really makes me look long and hard about how I feel about Cubs fans. Maybe they aren’t too bad after all.

Now, I’ve heard that Marty cussed out Brantley and stormed out of the booth over the weekend. This is not the case, apparently. After a little research, it sounds like he dropped the hammer on Reds PR Director, Rob Butcher in regards to Josh Fogg news from Dusty. I have not heard the audio, but it sounds like an actual “cussing out” is debatable at best. More on this over at Apparently, a rather heated discussed could be heard through Brantley’s microphone. You go, Marty!

Go Cub’s!

Go Cub's!An “informational” sign posted at this year’s Cubs Convention. Photo nicked from A League of Her Own – a Cubs fan blog.

From all accounts on the web and from friends, Cubs convention can pretty much suck. Reds fan have to be grateful for Redsfest. Since it’s been revived, it has to be one of, if not the best winter baseball club conventions. Lots of autograph lines, tons of kid friendly fun, poker tournament, memorabilia, Wiffle ball tournament and more. Just another great thing the new Reds ownership is doing really well.

Cubs Fans: Brilliant

Man, what an idiot.