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Cincinnati Reds Star Wars SGA t-shirt

May this shirt be on you…

The first 20K fans at the Reds game on Saturday, May 3 will receive this exclusive t-shirt. Tickets and information on Reds Star Wars Weekend.

Now you’ve Heard

Unheard Of Mr. Deadlegs Snapback

Mr. Deadlegs for your head

Unheard Of – The Swag King of Cincinnati – just dropped a massive bomb this morning with the release of hats and tees celebrating baseball and opening day in the Queen City.

First, the Mr. Deadlegs snapback, an OMGreds favorite, is back! It made its debut last summer in four colorways and sold out fast. Four new variations – Red Black/Red Grey and Tiffany/Black – are in stock for 2014 and will probably go quickly again. You better act fast. $29.99 in-store or on

Bart Simpson Jay Bruce

“Bart Bruce” is the perfect jam for the Reds fan with a Simpsons problem. Or, is it a Reds problem? Either way, El Barto channels his inner Texas-lefty for this killer tee. $35.00 Red and White S M L XL XXL in-store or on

Unheardof Big Dead Machine

The Big Red Machine will never die – They’ll just become zombies. Unheard Of really brings it with this tee featuring the now-iconic “Big Dead Machine”. $29.99 Black/Red and Red/White S M L XL XXL in-store or on

Because I’m Gappy!

Because I'm Gappy

Slap Gappy

Cincy Shirts cranks out a great one for the kiddos! Get the “Because I’m Gappy” tee for your little Reds fan. They need some new shirts for the summer, right?

Buy Now: $20

Mr. OK

Mr OK t-shirt by We Have Become Vikings

You’re more than OK, Mr. OK

Our brothers from another mother down at We Have Become Vikings have melted our minds with this masterpeice – The Mr. OK Tee. Make sure you’re ready for this one. It will wear you. Cop it on the quick at

Buy Now: $20

Aren’t you a little short for a third baseman?

Mr. Trooper Legs by Cincy Shirts

Mr. Trooper Legs by Cincy Shirts

Perfect for “May the 4th,” the latest tee from Cincy Shirts melds our two favorite things – Reds and Star Wars – into interplanetary awesomeness. Make sure you pick up Mr. Tropper Legs for yourself – They’re just $20 for a limited time at

Buy Now: $20

Mr. Hustle

Mr Hustle T-shirt Cincy Threads

“Mr. Hustle” tee by Cincy Threads

Cincy Threads brings us a great addition to the fan-created Reds fashion category with the “Mr. Hustle” tee. From the brand:

In our city we like players that get down and dirty for the blue collar fan. That’s what Mr. Hustle represents. For every fan that knows what our team stands for.

We couldn’t agree more.

Check out the Cincy Threads Etsy shop for this shirts as well as a fantastic Cincinnati Royals inspired tee and an outstanding “The Nati” tee.

Buy Now: $25

Darth Skull Mr. Deadlegs Tee

Darth Skull Mr. Dead Legs T

Darth Skull’s Mr. Dead Legs T

Too rad. $20 with free shipping over at

Cdot Podcast t-shirt

The C. Trent Shirt

Shop Now

Mr. Redlegs and the Redsfest scarf
UNheardof Mr. Deadlegs Snapback

Mr. Deadlegs Snapback

The Mr. Deadlegs snapback from Unheard Of resurrects the iconic design from the Unheard Of store launch in 2008. Available in 4 colorways: Black, fuchsia, aqua and red. It’ll set you back $29.99, but you can’t put a price on being fly, can you?

Check Unheard Of at their location on 4th street downtown or online at

Vintage Mr. Redlegs t-shirt by Red Jacket


The new Topps Store is turning out to be a great resource for on-point MLB style. Their latest release includes this vintage Mr. Redlegs tee by Red Jacket. We love the tone on tone. Wear with pride, yo.

LeCure shirt by We Have Become Vikings

T-Shirt Watch: LeCure

Our friends at We Have Become Vikings have just thrown down. There has always been the little Sam LeCure/Cure/Robert Smith haha joke, but this design takes everything to a whole new level. WHBV is taking orders via email at Drop ‘em a line, so you can look fine.

Cincinnati Reds-style soccer jersey

The Reds Soccer Jersey

Or, is it a football shirt?

Either way, when I posted a image of my creation on Twitter Saturday morning it got a positive response. Many folks asked where I purchased it or where they could get one, so I wanted let everyone know that it’s actually custom-made and share how it was created. It wasn’t difficult really, just a matter of sourcing the parts and getting it put together. So, in an effort to inspire others to create their own, here’s how it all happened…

In 2010 I was inspired to create a Cincinnati Reds soccer jersey for myself. I had picked up a couple of national team shirts over the years, including ’07 England, ’07 Germany, and a ’10 USA.

Though you do occasionally see a hockey-style fashion jersey for baseball teams, I figured that nothing like this existed for baseball, much less the Reds. Knowing that I couldn’t design something completely from scratch and have it produced, I figured I would put one together using “off-the-shelf” parts.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the Mr. Redlegs patch seen on the Reds’ home jerseys as a “crest” type emblem. The trick was to get the right jersey, incorporating the correct Reds font used for the numbers, and of course, getting everything pieced together professionally.

Here’s a rundown of the shirt elements and how they came together:

  • The base shirt is a Nike Team shirt with a white base and thin red horizontal stripes. This is actually the shirt I had in mind when I started the project and I was able to order it from Nike back in 2010. I looked through a few soccer catalogs to see what other styles were available from other manufacturers at the time, but nothing beat this style for me.
  • The Mr. Redlegs patch and NUXY path were both purchased at Koch’s Sporting Goods in downtown Cincinnati. They have a ton of this kind of stuff, including some older patches from the ’88 All Star Game and other goodies.
  • Koch’s also provided the numbers for the back of the shirt. We used just the red layer and they are the same size as the ones used on Reds jerseys, Koch’s also sewed everything together for me.
  • There was one design element that was eliminated while working with Koch’s on the project. I originally wanted to do a white outline around the numbers on the back. This is identical to the design of the actual Reds jersey numbers, except I was not going to use the black drop shadow. The white would have been a subtle effect, but I think it would have been pretty crisp. We left it out was because the shirt material is very thin and we didn’t know if that much stitching would do damage to the jersey. Koch’s was a little nervous about it, so we decided to just use the red layer. It still came out well. Looking back at it now, it probably would have been okay.

Why 25? I guess that’s “my number.” I wore it playing football in high school and college. Oddly enough, I didn’t wear it playing baseball. A lower number or single digit would probably be a little more soccer-like. 2 would have worked for me as well.

Overall, I wanted to keep it simple. There were other add-ons that I thought of, but any more might ruin what is really working for this design. If I were to do another one, I would likely draw inspiration from the ’70s-era Reds designs, using solid colors and the heavy block font.

Our buddy C. Trent Rosecrans pointed me to designer Mark Willis’ blog where he has explored how MLB team designs would translate to soccer jerseys in a series called Soccer Our of Context. It’s a brilliant concept and you can go through his take on the NL Central right here. Personally, I’d love to see a Reds concept with black dropped from the pallet (as would C. Trent), but it’s still a great concept. The Braun (P&G) sponsorship also is a nice German tie-in to Cincinnati though it may not have been the original intent. Make sure you check it out. C. Trent also mentioned creating a look for the Reds based on Croatia’s current kit. Now, that would be great place to start.

So, if you’re diggin’ the soccer/football style, I encourage you to go out and make your own. I think it was a fun mash-up and certainly something unique. Also, when it gets darn hot out in the summer, the lightweight wicking soccer-style shirts are perfect. If you do make your own, make sure you share it with us. We’d love to see it.

Mustache Tee from GV Art + Design

T-Shirt Watch: Mustache Tee

We’ve been seeing a lot of great nods to Mr. Redlegs on t-shirts lately and this one from GV Art + Design in Cleveland is another exceptional example. Get yours right here. Make sure to check out their other t-shirt designs. Their Indians inspired designs are strong.

Cincy Lineup T-Shirt

T-Shirt Watch: Cincinnati Baseball

Our comrades at Blue Seat Media have a great shirt design up on Tee Spring. Picking up design cues from their Cincy Lineup app, this tee should be a strong contender to become a regular in your summer shirt rotation. The shirt will be printed once they reach 75 shirts sold, so make sure you show your support. Proceeds help fun Blue Seat Media’s mission to create killer baseball apps for all of us die-hard fans.

Shop now

Eric Davis t-shirt from Cincy Shirts

T-Shirt Watch: Eric Davis

Brand new release from our friends at Cincy Shirts! Show your love for Eric the Red at Riverfront Stadium Great American Ball Park all season long. Get yours now…

Cincinnati Nasty Boys by HOMAGE

Keep it Nasty

On the heals of this sweetness, our skillets at HOMAGE dropped their latest Nasty Boys t-shirt this morning. Make sure to grab yours soon. Also available in youth sizes for your Jr.

Mr. Redlegs tee

Mascot tee

If you’ve been to ta game at GABO this year, you have probably spotted this t-shirt. We have, at least. It’s not something that you’ll find at the team shop, but a creation by local design student Eric Rutherford. We’re diggin’ the minimallist take on Mr. Redlegs. Fresh design, holmes.

If you’d like to pick up one for yourself, head to Spreadshirt and pick a winner.

Dissizit Sluggo Tee

Dissizit Sluggo Tee

Sluggo Tee from Dissizit. Most sizes sold out, also available on Jack Threads.

Fielder's Choice Goods

So Choice

There’s nothing better than discovering something that hits your passion (or several) right in the sweet spot. For me, the wallets and ever-expanding catalog of items from Fielder’s Choice Goods did just that. I discovered their wallets last summer and have been smitten ever since. I recently nabbed a wallet of my own, a Johnny Bench model, along with their “Home” fitted cap. Once I had them in my hands, it was obvious the quality of the “Goods” were even better than my lofty expectations.

Each FCGOODS wallet is made from a vintage, made in the USA, baseball glove, keeping its entire lineage – from original production to re-purposing – American made. Each wallet is painstakingly cut from a deconstructed pre-1970 mit, re-conditioned and crafted by hand. Each one with its own personality and story – A beautiful thing. FCGOODS ball caps are vintage lids created in collaboration with another of our favorite made in America brands, Ebbets Field Flannels. Top-notch construction and quality as well as a look that only Ebbets can craft.

It’s our pleasure to give you a little more insight into Fielder’s Choice Goods and the man behind the brand, Jon. We recently did a little Q&A, talking inspiration, process and the future of the brand. We hope you enjoy.

OMGreds: Your wallets really hit a sweet spot here at OMGreds, the same with many other baseball fans, we’re sure. Re-purposed baseball gloves handcrafted into handsome wallets. Not to mention, each wallet’s lineage is entirely made in the USA. How did inspiration hit you to create the wallets and ultimately the brand, Fielder’s Choice Goods?

My day to day background is in Graphic Design, and I’ve been a huge baseball fan my whole life, the tricky part was coming up with an idea on how to merge the two. There wasn’t just one lightning strike moment where I came up with the idea of using leather gloves as material to make wallets, there was a lot of sketching and brain storming. The brand was started to be a small hobby but when I received such a large and positive reaction I decided to move forward with the brand Fielder’s Choice Goods.

OMGreds: We imagine that each wallet takes some time. What is the general process that each wallet goes through, from sourcing to final product?

There is a lot of searching that goes on to track down quality gloves, its a little tough though because we’re not just buying up every glove pre 1970. When purchasing gloves we make sure of a few things that all gloves are American brands, made in America, we try to revive the gloves that were hiding in barns and garages. So sourcing is the difficult part and is one of the main reasons we only do monthly releases. The rest of the process is deconstructing the gloves which can get messy then conditioning and crafting which is the exciting part.

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Fielder’s Choice Goods wallet (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: As Reds fans, we’ve always enjoyed seeing wallets made from signature gloves of former Redlegs pop up when you do releases. I have a Johnny Bench model from FCGOODS myself and Ed Bailey and Smokey Burgess have also come up, I believe. Is there any particular player model that you personally get excited about when sourcing gloves?

No particular model, but I have noticed a trend in specific models. For some reason the Wilson, Hal Smith models tend to be a bit lighter in color of leather which makes for a unique discoloration after being broke in.

OMGreds: FCGOODS wallets are compact. Personally, I thought that I would use my FCGOODS wallet on occasion, sticking with my current wallet for day-to-day use. I tried my wallet out for a day, ended up loving it and haven’t switched back. There’s something great about taking things down to their simplest form. Between the wallets and FCGOODS’s strikingly-simple (in a great way) brand aesthetic, is there perhaps a small statement about simplification or back-to-the-basics in your approach with the brand?

We do take on a more minimal & simple feel as a brand, there is plenty of over produced products on the market. With our designs we wanted to focus on a wallet that spotlights its material first with a clean & timeless shape.

OMGreds: Was that way too deep of a question? :)

No, there is an importance to taking on a pure aesthetic to FCGOODS, we are trying to portray an era of baseball that was pure and clean.

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Vintage gloves used in the production of Fielder’s Choice Goods wallets, belts, hats and more. (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: The FCGOODS ball caps are gorgeous. Could you tell us a little bit about your cap collaboration with Ebbets Field Flannels?

Ebbets has been the top of its class for years producing authentic vintage sporting goods, so it was a no brain-er to collaborate with them. The materials that we used in all the caps are the exact same materials that were used in the 1950′s to construct ball club caps.

Fielder's Choice Goods "Home" cap

“Home” cap (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: We’ve seen a few hints at FCGOODS belts coming soon. Any details about the product and information on when they might be released?

Our Mays Belt will be released Opening Day on They have helped out in the expansion of FCGOODS, so we decided to launch it with them to a wider audience. The belt features styling to your standard baseball belt that is still used today, adjustable, 100% Brass hardware, with a mix of cowhide leather and our vintage American Baseball glove leather, and of course all Made in USA. The Mays belt will also be available on FCGOODS’ site shortly after the Huckleberry release.

Fielder's Choice Goods Mays belt

Mays Belt (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: Speaking of adding to the FCGOODS line, are there any other product designs in the works?

Yes, we are working on smaller simple accessories such as keychains and lanyards, and also always sketching up new ideas all the time.

Thanks again to Jon for taking the time to answer a few questions from us. Best of luck to him and the FCGOODS. If you’re interested in picking up a wallet, the next limited release is on Monday, March 25th at 8am PST. We advise you to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for release information. Make sure to follow on Instagram and Tumblr as well for sweet vintage goodness. You won’t be disappointed.

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Fielder’s Choice Goods wallet (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Fielder’s Choice Goods wallet (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods "Away" cap

“Away” cap (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods "Away" cap

“Away” cap (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods "Home" cap

“Home” cap (photo: FCGOODS)

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