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Are you ready for Mr. Red?

Mr. Red

Likely the first mascot version of Mr. Red. (Rhodes/Klumpe Reds Hall of Fame Collection)

I believe we are.

Five years after the merciful retiring of alien baby Mr. Red, he’s being brought back into the mascot fold next season. Rounding out the Reds mascot roster at four, Mr. Red is being re-introduced at this year’s Redsfest – likely looking much, much better after years of Billy Blanks Tae Bo and some serious facial reconstruction. New Mr. Red will be presented at 6pm Friday night on the Redsfest main stage.

Alien Mr. Red had a run from 1997-2006 serving as the teams only mascot until 2003 when he was joined by “lovable” Gapper. In 2007, Mr. Red was was supplanted by Mr. Redlegs and the lovely Rosie Red rounded out the mix in 2008.

With the resurrection of Mr. Red, fans will be looking forward to even more mascot hijinx around GABP.

So, how about that photo of Mr. Red from the early 70s? We’re not sure of the date on that one, but we’d guess 1973ish? Just a hunch. While that incarnation is a complete rip of the original Mr. Met, all of us Reds fans know that Mr. Red/Mr. Redlegs has been around for quite a while.

Speaking of dudes running around with paper mache baseballs on their heads, check out how Reds fan Tim Shafer crashed the 1975 National League Championship celebration parade dressed in a home-made Mr. Red costume. He was OMGreds before there was OMGreds. We salute you, Mr. Shafer!

Mr. Red sighting

Ray Edwards and T.J. Gibson

And in the Mr. Red trunks...

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards won his debut boxing match against T.J. Gibson last Friday night all while wearing trunks featuring Mr. Red. Edwards also dealt with some diarrhea the day of the bout. We couldn’t make this up if we tried. Turns out that Edwards is from Cincinnati and attended Woodward HS. He’s just reppin’ his team like we all do.

via Uni Watch

New Mr. Reds Race

New Mr. Reds Race

We won't tell you who won.

Nice upgrade. Expect plenty of Gapper hyjinx. We like the text poll to see who folks are rooting for. Great touch.

Was tonight (7/16/10) its debut?

First Ever ‘Live’ Reds Race

Monday’s ‘Reds Unplugged‘ night at GABP featured the very first “live” Reds Race. We won’t spoil the ending, but someone with a baseball for a head won the contest and another got their just desserts.

Tip of the fitted to : @JotaEseTheGeek & @Aherr44

Reds Tats

Cincinnati Reds Tattoos

In this photo, identify someone who likes the Reds...

Wow, this is showin’ some love your your team! Check out our man’s Cincinnati Reds tattoos (Photo via @gamedayjreau). Seriously, this guy is going into the Reds Fan Hall of Fame.

Update: Here’s another angle of guy’s arm – that’s a whole lotta Pete! According to the Reds’ tweet, the Tattoo took over 80 hours!

Question: Anyone else out there got some Reds ink? Let’s see it! In the mean time, remember THIS? We never did get that Corey Patterson tat. Maybe a big Willy tattoo is in order.

Another question: If you were to get some Reds ink, what would you get?

Speaking of Riverfront

Mr. Red #3 won the final Mr. Red Race at Riverfront. *Tear*

Mr. Red #3 won the very last Mr. Red Race at Cinergy Field Riverfront Stadium on September 22, 2002. Since we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1990 World Champion Cincinnati Reds, we are feeling a bit nostalgic about Riverfront. Some others probably feel the same way when they say the new Mr. Red race “Sucks“. Hey, not our words!

Btw, the photo we took above looks eerily similar to this great Red Race t-shirt. Hmmmmm….

Does anyone out there have video footage of an old Mr. Red Race? We would LOVE to see it. We’ve been striking out with our searches on YouTube.

While poking around on reds dot com recently, we noticed that the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum is running a series called “This Week in 1990 Reds History,” highlighting all the happenings of the Reds during 1990. Not only are they giving us all the key transaction dates and players birthday (Happy D-day, Chris Hammond – 1/21), they are also giving us the general sediment of the fans at the time, and how after a .500 Bengals season just ended, the Reds weren’t looking to fare much better. This should be a great little piece to follow the entire year.

YOU could be the next Mr. Redlegs!

And who wouldn’t want to be? If all of us on the staff of OMGreds weren’t all washed up ex-athletes, journalizm majors and mediocre graphic designers, we would all have our resumes in to the Reds and well on our way to falling off the back of ATVs in no time. After all, we all do have great knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and don’t mind holding massive snakes. But, don’t let us scare you off… go apply yourself.

hehe. Massive snakes.

Rosie Red: Coming to a GABP near you

Rosie RedThe Reds have announced the creation of a Rosie Red mascot that will join Mr. Red and Mr. Redlegs at Great American Ballpark this summer. It’s a small part of an overall plan to attract more moms (and kids along with them) to the ballpark. Sounds like a super fantastic move. Now, we can finally have a real live Mr. Reds Race – or whatever it’s called now.

You can find more information about the Reds’ Rosie Reds Club on their website and at (outdated, it seems to be).

dwin EncarnacionHere’s video (and article) of Edwin EncarnaciĆ³n jacking a quadrangular in winter ball play down in the Dominican Republic. Boom goes the dinamita!!!1!!1!!11!!11