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Joey Votto - Canadian Mountie
199C at BLDG in Covington, KY

199C Rocked It

Baseball season kicked off a few days early in Covington with the opening of 199C at BLDG on Friday night. Wiffle Ball in the street, cold beer in the tubs, fantastic artwork on the walls and face-melting music fueled a night of celebration all for the love of baseball.

Cafe Lang Thang and Marty’s Waffles were on hand to dish out their tasty items while Automagik kicked out the jams. Speaking of, check their cover of 700 WLW’s jingle, “The Reds are on the Radio”

The Reds Are On The Radio! from BLDG on Vimeo.

If you missed the opening, you can still see the show and purchase art or prints through April 25. BLDG gallery hours are 9-6 Monday through Friday or by appointment. Contact to make an appointment and more information can be found here. Prints and that awesome hat are now available on BLDG’s online shop.

A few photos from the show for ya…

Neltner 199C Process Video

Talented artist, designer and friend Keith Neltner just released this process video for his contribution to the 199C show opening Friday, March 28 at BLDG in Covington, Ky. Keith wields a mean pen and ink, and seeing him channel baseball through his craft just makes our brain melt. Check out more of Keith’s work at

“The Hustle”

The Hustle by Mitchell Bat Company

“The Hustle” by Mitchell Bat Co.

The latest custom bat design from Mitchell Bat Co. pays homage to our very own Cincinnati Reds. Dubbed “The Hustle” this beautifully painted bat evokes memories of the Big Red Machine and a franchise steeped in great history. A must have for any Reds fan.

Pete Rose sliding head first

Make sure you check out their bat lineup – They’re all gorgeous.

Teddy Immortalized on Cardboard

Teddy has been immortalized on cardboard.

Teddy is Topps in Cincinnati.

Teddy Kremer can add another highlight to an otherwise magical 2013 – An official baseball card. Kremer, an honorary bat boy for the Reds who has warmed Cincinnati hearts the past two season, is featured in Topps’ 2013 Updates and Highlight set on card #US268, a variation of Joey Votto’s All-Star card.

The card will surely be a hit with Reds fans everywhere, but getting one for your collection may prove difficult. Kremer’s card is a SSP, or “super short print“. In other words, it’s rare – Super rare. Topps does not release information on print runs of cards like these, so it’s tough to say how many are in circulation. Collectors have already been chomping at the bit to acquire the card – several auctions on eBay have ended over $100 with at least another one on the way, as of the writing of this post.

It just shows the power of Kremer’s story and how it has captured this city.

What an fantastic honor for Teddy.

h/t: @RedlegsRadioReport & ?@garpike28

Brandon Phillips
Kaiju Redlegs by Matt Barnes via BLDG

Kaiju Redlegs

Kaiju literally translates to “strange creature” but has morphed into meaning “monster” in english. You probably know the world’s most famous Kaiju – Godzilla. Coming in a close second is Kaiju Redlegs – Destroyer of the NL Central. Get your commemorative print to celebrate the upcoming tramplings of PNC Park, Busch Stadium and Wrigley Field. Our boys at BLDG kicked this Matt Barnes print out signed/numbered-style, ripping an edition of just 18. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

The Cincinnati Wooo

You gotta give it up to Duane, The Wooo Guy – “The Cincinnati Wooo” is a killer tune. Might this make an appearance on “Cincinnati Clutch Hits pt 2″?

The campfire is a nice touch.

The Reds Miracle Pancake. Reds WS Champs in '13. Put butter on it.

Reds Miracle Pancake

Reds fan Joel Knueven feels pretty good about the Reds’ chances at winning a World Series title this season.

The acquisition of Choo? Votto at full strength? Chapman to the bullpen?

No. Nope. Not really.

His breakfast told him.

While making chocolate chip pancakes with his son the morning of Sunday, March 24, Knueven flipped one over and right in the middle of the flap jack was a wishbone “C”.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways, I’m just glad that my pancake batter ladle was chosen as the conduit through which this covenant was made with Reds faithful” said Knueven.

We wonder if Aunt Jemima had a hand in this?

“This was NOT planned, nor did I use some template to try to create it–it looks so dead on that people have asked me that question.”

He’s right, that’s a pretty darn legit wishbone “C” gracing the fluffy goodness of his family’s breakfast.

Cincinnati Reds Miracle Pancake

Reds Miracle Pancake (photo: Joel Knueven)

Of course, there have been quite a few “miracle” food items surface around the globe. This is the first we’ve seen of one prophetsizing the fate of a sports team*, let alone our Redlegs.

While Knueven realizes this supernatural memento is ridiculous, he’s having fun with the whole thing and has plans. It’s currently listed on eBay ($50 starting bid) and he plans to donate the proceeds the Reds Community Fund. Currently, the Reds Miracle Pancake is being preserved in deep freeze while awaiting its final… altar?

“It’s more than a pancake….it’s a prophecy!”

Get in on this. You’ll be a part of history.

*Actually, we have no clue. Has there been an SF Giants Miracle Danish or St. Louis Cardinals Miracle Chicken Roast or anything like that?

Fielder's Choice Goods

So Choice

There’s nothing better than discovering something that hits your passion (or several) right in the sweet spot. For me, the wallets and ever-expanding catalog of items from Fielder’s Choice Goods did just that. I discovered their wallets last summer and have been smitten ever since. I recently nabbed a wallet of my own, a Johnny Bench model, along with their “Home” fitted cap. Once I had them in my hands, it was obvious the quality of the “Goods” were even better than my lofty expectations.

Each FCGOODS wallet is made from a vintage, made in the USA, baseball glove, keeping its entire lineage – from original production to re-purposing – American made. Each wallet is painstakingly cut from a deconstructed pre-1970 mit, re-conditioned and crafted by hand. Each one with its own personality and story – A beautiful thing. FCGOODS ball caps are vintage lids created in collaboration with another of our favorite made in America brands, Ebbets Field Flannels. Top-notch construction and quality as well as a look that only Ebbets can craft.

It’s our pleasure to give you a little more insight into Fielder’s Choice Goods and the man behind the brand, Jon. We recently did a little Q&A, talking inspiration, process and the future of the brand. We hope you enjoy.

OMGreds: Your wallets really hit a sweet spot here at OMGreds, the same with many other baseball fans, we’re sure. Re-purposed baseball gloves handcrafted into handsome wallets. Not to mention, each wallet’s lineage is entirely made in the USA. How did inspiration hit you to create the wallets and ultimately the brand, Fielder’s Choice Goods?

My day to day background is in Graphic Design, and I’ve been a huge baseball fan my whole life, the tricky part was coming up with an idea on how to merge the two. There wasn’t just one lightning strike moment where I came up with the idea of using leather gloves as material to make wallets, there was a lot of sketching and brain storming. The brand was started to be a small hobby but when I received such a large and positive reaction I decided to move forward with the brand Fielder’s Choice Goods.

OMGreds: We imagine that each wallet takes some time. What is the general process that each wallet goes through, from sourcing to final product?

There is a lot of searching that goes on to track down quality gloves, its a little tough though because we’re not just buying up every glove pre 1970. When purchasing gloves we make sure of a few things that all gloves are American brands, made in America, we try to revive the gloves that were hiding in barns and garages. So sourcing is the difficult part and is one of the main reasons we only do monthly releases. The rest of the process is deconstructing the gloves which can get messy then conditioning and crafting which is the exciting part.

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Fielder’s Choice Goods wallet (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: As Reds fans, we’ve always enjoyed seeing wallets made from signature gloves of former Redlegs pop up when you do releases. I have a Johnny Bench model from FCGOODS myself and Ed Bailey and Smokey Burgess have also come up, I believe. Is there any particular player model that you personally get excited about when sourcing gloves?

No particular model, but I have noticed a trend in specific models. For some reason the Wilson, Hal Smith models tend to be a bit lighter in color of leather which makes for a unique discoloration after being broke in.

OMGreds: FCGOODS wallets are compact. Personally, I thought that I would use my FCGOODS wallet on occasion, sticking with my current wallet for day-to-day use. I tried my wallet out for a day, ended up loving it and haven’t switched back. There’s something great about taking things down to their simplest form. Between the wallets and FCGOODS’s strikingly-simple (in a great way) brand aesthetic, is there perhaps a small statement about simplification or back-to-the-basics in your approach with the brand?

We do take on a more minimal & simple feel as a brand, there is plenty of over produced products on the market. With our designs we wanted to focus on a wallet that spotlights its material first with a clean & timeless shape.

OMGreds: Was that way too deep of a question? :)

No, there is an importance to taking on a pure aesthetic to FCGOODS, we are trying to portray an era of baseball that was pure and clean.

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Vintage gloves used in the production of Fielder’s Choice Goods wallets, belts, hats and more. (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: The FCGOODS ball caps are gorgeous. Could you tell us a little bit about your cap collaboration with Ebbets Field Flannels?

Ebbets has been the top of its class for years producing authentic vintage sporting goods, so it was a no brain-er to collaborate with them. The materials that we used in all the caps are the exact same materials that were used in the 1950’s to construct ball club caps.

Fielder's Choice Goods "Home" cap

“Home” cap (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: We’ve seen a few hints at FCGOODS belts coming soon. Any details about the product and information on when they might be released?

Our Mays Belt will be released Opening Day on They have helped out in the expansion of FCGOODS, so we decided to launch it with them to a wider audience. The belt features styling to your standard baseball belt that is still used today, adjustable, 100% Brass hardware, with a mix of cowhide leather and our vintage American Baseball glove leather, and of course all Made in USA. The Mays belt will also be available on FCGOODS’ site shortly after the Huckleberry release.

Fielder's Choice Goods Mays belt

Mays Belt (photo: FCGOODS)

OMGreds: Speaking of adding to the FCGOODS line, are there any other product designs in the works?

Yes, we are working on smaller simple accessories such as keychains and lanyards, and also always sketching up new ideas all the time.

Thanks again to Jon for taking the time to answer a few questions from us. Best of luck to him and the FCGOODS. If you’re interested in picking up a wallet, the next limited release is on Monday, March 25th at 8am PST. We advise you to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for release information. Make sure to follow on Instagram and Tumblr as well for sweet vintage goodness. You won’t be disappointed.

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Fielder’s Choice Goods wallet (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods wallet

Fielder’s Choice Goods wallet (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods "Away" cap

“Away” cap (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods "Away" cap

“Away” cap (photo: FCGOODS)

Fielder's Choice Goods "Home" cap

“Home” cap (photo: FCGOODS)


Hurts so good

Oh my wow! A very passionate OMGreds fan is letting everyone know who she’s down with. Submitted on Reddit earlier today, our biggest fan (apparently?!) shared a photo of his freshly tattooed arm, sporting a slightly modified (we approve!) Mr. OMG*.

To our fan: If this is your arm, give us a shout, we’d love to chat.

Thanks to @mucusoffmybrain for giving us the heads up.

*Just made up “Mr. OMG” he really didn’t have a name before. Makes sense though, right? Right.

Field Notes "Day Game" edition

Field Notes

I’ve always had an affinity for Field Notes but hadn’t picked up a set of their smartly-designed notebooks yet. Any of the fun limited-edition notepads I liked either sold out before I could jump on them, or they just weren’t the design I was looking for. That changed today.

Enter Field Notes “Game Day” edition. The baseball-inspired edition includes three memo books, each with a different color cover: Outfield Green, Infield Brown, and Hardball White. Hell yeah! These books are perfect for scoring baseball games, compiling fantasy baseball notes, Flip Flop Fly Ball doodles or just looking cool while taking notes at boring all-office meetings at work (aka Fantasy baseball notes).

This set is extra special, though. It comes with the first edition of Kevin Guilfoile’s A Drive into the Gap from FIELD NOTES BRAND BOOKS. Bonus! Check out a short film about the book here.

I highly recommend you pick this edition up.

PMK X Cincinnati Reds Nike Dunk

PMK x Cincinnati Reds Grand Slam Dunks

PMK x Cincinnati Reds Grand Slam Dunks

OMG, these are hot! The fellas over at PMK have designed a boss pair of Grand Slam Nike Dunks exclusively for the Cincinnati Reds. Commissioned by Reds COO Phil Castellini, PMK set out to create a shoe that draws from Cincinnati’s rich baseball history and features PMK’s remarkable craftsmanship.

These bespoke one of one edition Dunks interweave baseball leather, glove leather and black dress leather – harkening back to the black dress boot style baseball shoe worn by players in the early 1900’s. Reds logos past and present are laser etched into the shoe and brown pebble leather is used on the toe and heal gards as well as the shoe lining. All this is brought together with a signature baseball stich. It’s a beautifully crafted shoe.

According to PMK, this is world’s first custom sneaker collaboration with an MLB team.

While this particular shoe is a 1/1 custom Owner’s Edition, PMK is working with the Reds to design a retail model available to fans in the future. We’ll have more on that when plans are announced. We’re looking forward to seeing what PMK comes up with.

For more information on PMK, check out gets love from Deadspin over fake Broxton Twitter account

We could be accused of being late to the party on this, as loyal Deadspin readers know Deadspin has had this posted for 36 hours or so. But better late than never, right? And it’s outstanding enough that we’ll just say we couldn’t blog about it several hours ago when we first saw it because we’ve been too busy ROFL over it.

And we’ll preface this by saying the funniest part about it to us is the Tweets themselves from @Brox4AllStarz. Many of us on Twitter have done double takes about Tweets that appear to be from athletes or broadcasters and tried to figure out for hours and sometimes days whether accounts are verified legit. But the fashion in which was duped is the funniest part about it. It’s side-splitting gullibility, sure, but since we’re obviously not the first to point it out, they’re hopefully having a good chuckle about it now and we’re laughing with them.

About what, you ask? On with it already, right? Well, check it out for yourself on Deadspin. But if you can’t view Deadspin at work or if you’re morally opposed or something and can’t click that link, here’s what happened. wrote the following story after the Reds acquired Broxton at the trade deadline:

The National League’s best bullpen may have gotten even better Tuesday with the Cincinnati Reds acquiring relief pitcher Jonathan Broxton from the Kansas City Royals, according to several reports.

Yada, yada, yada, J.C. Sulbaran’s name misspelled, yada, yada … OK …

The pitcher posted the following messages to Twitter Tuesday afternoon:

Brox thanks the good people of KansasTown. You were so nice to ol’ Broxy. Sorry for eating all the BBQ that one time. And that other time

So many fans of RedTeam sayin nice things 2 ol’ Broxy. Brox not nervous no more. SinSeeTown is great. Gonna throw the ball hard for you guys

One Deadspin commenter suggests, “Cincinnati should be changed to ‘SinSee-Town’ forevermore on Deadspin. Or until something else comes up.”

Ha! What’s your pick between SinSeeTown, Queen City and City that Sings? :P

BP high socks fantastic while they lasted

By now you know we LOVE the stirrups and take notice of the high socks, especially when they’re red. Sorry for no screengrab – the DVR wouldn’t cooperate – but Brandon Phillips – who wasn’t in the starting lineup for the Reds’ 5-3 come-from-behind win in Houston – was wearing the socks high in the Reds’ dugout during the game. Kelch and Welsh, in fact, pointed them (the socks) out and mentioned that Phillips had worn them high once in a game – once. (Thanks, Johnny Dangerously fans.) Turns out that one time BP did so, his mother didn’t approve. Hey, gotta listen to Mom, without exception. When Phillips appeared in the game in the 9th, the pantlegs were down and socks entirely concealed.

Welsh’s “Huh?” remark of the game

As we’ve said before, we are Chris Welsh fans and we enjoy the analysis and insight he provides during the broadcast despite his questionable fashion sense. That said, about 2 to 5 times each game, he says something that makes us respond with either “Huh?” or “Wha?” Tonight, our pick is his mention of the rumor he read on TODAY (Wednesday) that Victorino-for-Ondrusek straight up was nixed by the Reds. You know, the thing Paul Daugherty wrote about Monday morning and we read on Cincinnati.Com two days ago? Yeah.

Homer vs. Chris Johnson

Anyone see Chris Johnson giving Homer Bailey an earful after he struck out in the 6th? Couldn’t tell what Homer was saying if anything (probably something) because he had his back to us (TV audience) but Johnson directed some choice words Homer’s way. Just lip-reading but we thought we made out “punk ass” and “bitch” from Johnson. Just making sure you saw that too.

Hero of the day

Loved hearing Drew Stubbs bust out the “It’s a different hero every night” cliche. Nice, Drew, but you do realize you were the hero last night as well. Alright, two straight ninth-inning rallies you’ve highlighted, you’re forgiven.

Gotta give Xavier Paul a shoutout as well for that huge double he had to lead off the ninth. BIG time. Nice pleasant surprise pickup he’s been.

Rosie! Oh my…

How baseballs are made by Craig Robinson

How baseballs are made by Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball

Ever wonder how baseballs are made? Stitched by hand? Not really. Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyin’ (one of my favorite websites, btw) lets us in on the secret. Seems that our very own Rosie Red has been sneaking around with the dreaded Mr. Met.

Speaking of Craig, make sure you check out his book, Flip Flop Fly Ball. Great stuff!

Did I ever tell you…

Todd Frazier t-shirt

Does this also apply to in-game scenarios?

That Todd Frazier is my hero? Well, if I didn’t, the shirt I’m sporting should make you fully aware that Todd is most definitely my hero.

We all know the awesome story of Reds rookie Todd Frazier saving the life of a fellow diner at a Pittsburgh restaurant last month. What you need to know now is that you can celebrate Todd’s heroics on your person by rockin’ this new t-shirt from Cincy Shirts.

Todd Frazier wearing the latest in Todd Frazier gear

Todd Frazier wearing the latest in Todd Frazier gear (photo: Jim Day)

If there is any doubt that Todd Frazier isn’t the coolest, him wearing his own t-shirt should squash that. Rock on, Todd.

Bases Loaded

'Charlie Hustle' by Brian Lindstrom

"Charlie Hustle" by Brian Lindstom

If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you take a gander at the Eephus League Magazine Issue No 1. It’s a beautiful mix of baseball history, nostalgia, quirkiness, design and typography. OMGreds geeks out on all of the above.

We do want to highlight one particular segment of the magazine for you. Graphic designer/printer Brian Lindstrom has done a brilliant set of prints for his MA degree installation and exhibition, “Bases Loaded” at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. All hand done, the prints “explore the relationship between typography and image. These designs narrate milestones and key figures in America’s Pastime, Baseball.”

Brian Lindstrom, MA degree installation (Photo: Jim Escalante)

Brian Lindstrom, MA degree installation (Photo: Jim Escalante)

Bethany Heck of Eephus League crafted a wonderful interview with Brian in the Eephus League Magazine. We urge you to check it out.

Art prints, including the Pete Rose inspired design at the top of the post are available at More information on the entire series and Brian’s exhibitions at

Hats off to you, Mr. Lloyd

Catching a home run ball at a Major League Baseball game? A dream come true. Catching two? Well, that’s just being damn lucky, and damn lucky is exactly what Thomas Moore student Caleb Lloyd is. Sitting in the first row of the left field stands, Caleb snagged Mike Leake’s first career home run in the fourth inning last night, Just minutes later, fate (and a bird, apparently) came falling from the sky again in the form of a Zack Cozart home run which Caleb also snared to secure his rightful place in GABP history. Well done, good sir.

Those two home runs were two-thirds of what ultimately became a back-to-back-to-back display of power from the Reds against Braves’ starter Mike Minor. Drew Stubbs rounded out the barrage with a shot to center field. The Reds went on to win the game 4-1.

Caleb enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame last night, getting invited up to the Fox Sport Ohio booth during the game for a little chat and was interviewed after the game by the media. We hear that FS Ohio will air some of the interview with him during Reds Live tonight, as technical difficulties impaired the broadcast.

Karma is certainly on his side, as Caleb graciously gave Mike Leake his home run ball after the game and also passed along the Cozart home run ball to his friend’s dad, who took them to the game.

A great night to put down the video game controller and head to the ballpark, eh?

h/t Redlegs Review

Git up git git down

It’s no Turnpike Dance, but Reds rookie Todd Frazier shows us all how to get down pre-game, jamming to a little H to the Izzo. Teammate DatDude captured the epic moment on video for all to witness. Todd can dance all he likes since he hit two dingers and drove in three runs during that night’s 6-3 win over the Mets.

Shall we call this dance the Toms River Tadow?

We’re already big fans of Mr. Frazier here at OMG, but you take this and sprinkle in a little on-deck bat guitar and you get a ballplayer that’s quickly climbing up the ranks of awesomeness.

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