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My 7 favorite things about this fantastic video

Please, before you do anything, enjoy it in its entirety …

1. (:40) Eddie Milner sprinting into the fracas, not to protect Eric Davis or to track down Ray Knight but to go after pretty much the first Met he ran into with his head.

2. (:52) “Tell you one thing, you’re barking up the wrong tree when you go after Ray Knight.”

3. (1:57) Tom Browning’s hair (after attempting to tackle Kevin Mitchell, who had been pounding on an unidentified Red) as John Franco removes him from the donnybrook.

4. (2:31) “Uh oh, you don’t want to make No. 39 upset either.”

5. (2:39) Tommy Helms, right after he apparently tackled Eric Davis.

6. (4:16) “John Denny … who knows a little bit about the martial arts …”

7. (4:42) Dude wearing the white nut-huggers in the dugout

Honorable mention: The number of Mets involved – Kevin Mitchell (by the way, check out Mitchell at the 1:11 mark absolutely pounding on someone, and again at 2:16 looking like he’s ready for more), Davey Johnson, Roger McDowell, and there were probably others – who either had Cincinnati roots or later joined the Reds.

Be kind, please rewind

Reds Classic Rewind

Suck on this, Show!

FOX Sports Ohio is putting out a fresh (or, re-fresh?) batch of Reds Classic Rewinds to quench the Reds fans’ un-dying thirst for sitting in front of the tube and watching winning Reds baseball. Looks like we have a couple of repeats with the 2010 version of Reds Classic Rewind – and a notable lack of 1990 games, given the historical significance in this anniversary year.

Past Reds Classic Rewind line-up:
2009 line-up
2008 line-up

Here’s the 2010 line-up from FSN:

Hosts Thom Brennaman, Jeff Brantley and Jeff Piecoro take viewers on a trip through Reds history with archival games featuring the “Big Red Machine,” the return of the re-mastered 1976 NLCS game with Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall, the 1970 World Series Game 4, Browning’s perfect game, and more.

*Mon., Jan. 25th -10:30pm
On September 11, 1985, a sellout crowd at Riverfront Stadium and a national television audience were watching to see if Pete Rose could break Ty Cobb’s hit record. After going 0-for-4 the previous night, Rose didn’t disappoint. He hit a line drive single to left field off San Diego’s Eric Show on a 2-1 pitch for hit No. 4,192.

*Mon., Feb. 1st – 8pm
On October 22, 1975, the Reds faced the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 of what has been ranked one of the best World Series ever. The “Big Red Machine” won it in the ninth to clinch the first of back-to-back World Series championships.

*Mon., Feb. 8th – 8pm
After 11 big league years, Tom Seaver was finally able to cross off one of the few achievements that had eluded him in his magnificent career with his only no-hitter on June 16, 1978.

*Mon., Feb. 15th – 8pm
A two-hour, 27-minute rain delay didn’t halt Tom Browning, who retired all 27 Los Angeles Dodgers he faced in a 1-0 victory on September 16, 1988. Browning concluded the only perfect game in Reds history by retiring Rick Dempsey on a fly to deep right field, Steve Sax on a grounder to shortstop and Tracy Woodson on a strikeout. A throwing error accounted for the Reds’ only run.

Mon., Feb. 22nd – 8pm
We’re bringing back the re-mastered version of the classic Reds game from October 12, 1976, when the Reds swept the Phillies in NLCS Game 3. This special telecast includes original video from NBC synced with the audio of Reds veteran duo Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall.

Mon., Mar.1st – 10pm (or following Cavaliers Live post-game show)
On October 14, 1970, the Reds faced Baltimore in Game 4 of the World Series. The Reds lost the series but won this game 6-5 thanks to clutch hitting by Lee May and stellar relief pitching by rookie Don Gullett and veteran Clay Carroll. Featuring a very young and upcoming Big Red Machine, this game is one of the oldest known Reds games to exist in its entirety.

* denotes re-peat from a past Reds Rewind Classic series.

Full deets on Fox Sports Ohio’s interweb presence.

Rewind Classics are back!

George Clooney will be watching!
We really enjoyed this series last year from Fox Sports Net Ohio. This winter, the boys at FSN will be re-airing a nice roster of Reds games to keep us from going insane from lack of baseball. Plus, you-know-who will be watching…

Here’s the lineup, via The Enquirer

Joey Votto hits three homers out of Great American Ball Park as the Reds beat the Cubs 9-0 on May 7 last year.

Jan. 26
Ken Griffey Jr. singles in the winning run in a 10-inning home victory over the Brewers on April 20 last year.

Feb. 2
Game 7 of the 1975 World Series in Fenway Park, when the Big Red Machine wins the first of its back-to-back World Championships on Oct. 21, 1975.

Feb. 9
Griffey hits his 600th home run against the Marlins in Florida on June 9 last year.

Feb. 16
Eight Reds hit a total of nine home runs in a wild 22-3 win over the Phillies on Sept. 4, 1999.

Feb. 23
ay Bruce goes 3-for-3 in his Major League Baseball debut – plus gets on base twice more with walks – in the Reds’ 9-6 win over the Pirates at GABP on May 27 last year.

March 2
Game 3 of the 1976 National League Championship Series, when the Reds sweep the Phillies at Riverfront Stadium on back-to-back ninth inning homers by George Foster and Johnny Bench on Oct. 12, 1976.

March 9
Game 2 of the 1976 World Series, when the Reds’ beat the Yankees 4-3 at Riverfront Stadium on Oct. 17, 1976.

March 16
Game 4 of the 1976 World Series, when Johnny Bench’s two homers power the Reds sweep of the Yankees 7-2 in Yankee Stadium on Oct. 21.

Here’s some of our coverage from last year’s Reds Rewind Classics if you’re interested.

Last year’s line-up.

A Perfect Evening

Tom Browning - Mr. Perfect

To watch Tom Browning toss a fatty goose against the Dodgers. Oh, how I remember hating the Dodgers back in the day. They were the perfect team for Browning to shut down. Perfect

Though it’s nice to see the game play by play, it’s cool that FSN is cutting in a lot with an interview with Browning. Nice to hear his thoughts on the game in detail.

Here’s the box score from that night, if you’re interested.

Great to hear Marty and Joe calling the game. Let’s hope Nuxie makes it into the Hall of Fame tomorrow.

Quick Game Note
– Looked like Sabo was going to pop a vein or two after being called out on a bang-bang pickoff play at first. Good ol’ Pete and his hair come out to argue right afterwards.

– Kirk Gibson goes nuts after he’s fanned by Browning in the 7th. LOL

– I think my parents were at this game – they actually went back the stadium after the rain delay ended. Good for them :)

Reds Classic Rewind: Up Next…
Feb. 25: 1975 World Series Game 3 vs. Boston
Mar. 3: 1975 World Series Game 6 vs. Boston
Mar. 10: 1975 World Series Game 7 vs. Boston

More from Game 4

  • How many times did they show the replay of Davis’ injury? At least 20 throughout the broadcast. Did like hearing him talk about it though, he had a great line about how everyone thought it was heroic to stay in the game but he was praying they wouldn’t hit it to him. Didn’t hear/see any mention of how days later Marge declined to provide ED – the guy who hit a 2-run homer off Dave Stewart in Game 1 and had 5 RBI in the first 3 games of the series – with a medically equipped plane so he could return to Cincinnati to nurse the kidney he lacerated. But maybe I missed it.
  • Larry Starr sure did get a lot of time on camera, which I remember I thought was cool because his nephew, Jamie, was in my class in HS. Speaking of HS, did you realize that ’90 team had four guys who were from here? Pretty unheard of. Larkin (Moeller), Oester (Withrow), Benzinger (New Richmond) and Doran (Mt. Healthy).
  • It really wasn’t looking good when you considered Rijo’s rough first inning … you had to wonder if that huge blister on his finger was really bothering him … and having to insert two bench players (albeit solid bench players who would, in fact, help propel the Reds to the win) into the lineup in the second inning. So we’re supposed to win without the guy who had seven consecutive hits to start the series? Yup.
  • Plus they squandered some SERIOUS opportunities. The leadoff man got on base in the 5th, 6th and 7th (and, of course, the 8th). In the 6th, it looked like Stewart hit a brick wall. He walked Larkin, Herm Winningham had that beautiful flare into left, he retired O’Neill and Braggs walked. Hal Morris: Do ANYTHING but ground into a double play here! You’re lucky you won it with the sac fly in the 8th.
  • Have we ever heard exactly what Rijo screamed into the dugout after 7 innings, having retired his 16th consecutive batter? Just curious. I wonder if he dropped the F bomb.
  • Sabo had a GREAT friggin’ series. I know Hatcher hit .750 and had the best World Series of all time at the plate, but Sabo had 9 hits! And how close was that double in the 7th to getting out and tying the game. Crazy close.
  • How about showing Bob Welch and Jack Buck saying, “Bob Welch will pitch tomorrow night.” Uh, no he won’t.
  • One of the most brilliant things McCarver said: “Under normal circumstances, Rijo would be pulled here.” You mean if he hadn’t retired 16 in a row (on his way to 20 in a row) at this point? Is that not normal?
  • At one point, they showed Dave Stewart’s mom … I couldn’t tell, but it looks like she’s turning down an autograph request from a young girl when they show her. Which is more absurd? That a little girl wanted Dave Stewart’s mom to sign a ball, or that Dave Stewart’s mom said no?
  • Then they show Robin Williams, on hand to watch Oakland lose.
  • Is there a more unheralded, underrated great moment in World Series history than Herm Winningham’s bunt single in the 8th? Is there a less talked-about gaffe than Stewart’s errant throw to first on O’Neill’s bunt?
  • When Canseco pinch-hit in the 9th, how many people do you think said, “Wait a minute … Canseco didn’t start??”
  • Benzinger catches the foul, the celebration commences and what song do they play? “Thank You for Being a Friend,” a 1978 hit for Andrew Gold. Yes, the one that’s the theme song for “Golden Girls.” I know they play it at the end of every Oakland A’s home game, but I can think of at least 1,000 other songs I’d rather hear while celebrating a World Series title.
  • Extra fun fact No. 1: Marge Schott was so angry that the Reds swept – owners don’t start making a lot of money until Game 5 – that she refused to buy food or drinks for the celebration party. She pouted all the way home.
  • Extra fun fact No. 2: Did you know Oakland didn’t score from the 4th inning on in any of those games?
  • Maybe Bo Doesn’t Know!

    Tim McCarver and the 1990 World Series
    My lord, Tim McCarver is damn annoying. I remember being annoyed by him as a 7th grader watching the ’90 World Series. What 7th grader has an opinion on something like that? Listening to McCarver again as an adult is like nails on a chalkboard. GUH!

    Random notes on the first 1.5 innings of the 4th game of teh 1990 World Series:

    – A damn lot of drama packed in just 30 minutes of baseball (injuries to Hatcher, Davis & Braggs’s bat break)

    – I went nuts when I saw Braggs break his bat over his back when I saw this as a kid. It’s still mind blowing to see.

    – Chris Sabo is seriously my hero. SPUDS!

    – Jim Kaat are you showing off your high school class ring? Oh, I guess that’s your ALC ring. Whatever. Stop showing it off.

    – Dave Stewart was a badass mofo. How did we win this series, let alone sweep? The A’s were insanely stacked – McGwire, Canseco, Stewart, Henderson, Eckersley. Jeez. WILLIE RANDOLPH!


    The McCarver Drinking Game

    Here’s how to play:
    Get a bottle of your favorite booze and a shot glass and…
    1: Drink every time Tim uses a multi-syllable word incorrectly.
    2: Drink every time Tim states the obvious like it is a profound insight.
    3: Drink every time Tim calls the play wrong.
    4: Drink every time Tim gets a player’s name wrong.
    5: Drink every time one of Tim’s inane comments is met with stoney silence by the other broadcasters in the booth.

    Guaranteed: you’ll be drunk by the bottom of the 1st inning.

    Plucked from The I Hate Tim McCarver Home Page. ENJOY!

    Reds Classic Rewind: ’90 NLCS game 6

    Danny Jackson vs. Barry Bonds

    Very random thoughts:

    – Was it a prerequisite to either have a mustache or huge mullet to play for the Pirates? They all seem to have one or the other.

    – Bonds: He still wears his pants pretty high in the waist, but low on the stirrups.

    – Danny Jackson: was a stud this game.

    – TV graphics have come a long way.

    – Make sure to check the comments of this post for more reflection from contributor, Paul.

    Upcoming Reds Classic Rewind games
    01/28/08 – 10/20/1990 – World Series Game 4 vs. Oakland
    02/04/08 – 06/16/1978 – Tom Seaver’s no hitter vs. St. Louis
    02/11/08 – 06/30/2006 – Reds comeback vs. Cleveland
    02/18/08 – 09/16/1988 – Tom Browning’s perfect game vs. Dodgers
    02/25/08 – 10/14/1975 – World Series game 3 vs. Boston
    03/03/08 – 10/21/1975 – World Series game 6 vs. Boston
    03/10/08 – 10/22/1975 – World Series game 7 vs. Boston

    Off-Topic: Jerseys at Ballgames

    Something I have always wondered: when did it become cool to wear jerseys to ball games – baseball or otherwise? I remember buying jerseys (or, my mom buying them) in the early ’90s when I was in junior high. Seeing the crowd in this game and the game last week from ’86 – you never see anyone in a Reds jersey. If you tune in today, you see them everywhere. I have a few myself. When did teams start really selling them? Also, I wonder who the first fan to wear a teams jersey to a game. When did that happen? in the 1960’s? ’70s? 1941? Did everyone at the game think this person was a total dork or was he pretty damn cool? Not that anyone would know, but it something I’d love to find out.

    Classic Rewind review

    Enjoyed watching the 4,192 game in its entirety. Thanks FSN Ohio. Some of the pop-up facts they showed were great … here are some I either learned or was reminded of by watching last night (or found this morning):

  • A review of Ty Cobb’s hits revealed two of his hits were counted twice. So Pete had actually broken the all-time hits record with a single in the first against the Cubs’ Reggie Patterson in Chicago on Sept. 8. But what I found interesting was Pete, who was under the impression (as everyone was at the time) that he needed 4,192, apparently didn’t care about being in Cincinnati when he broke the record. He had two hits in that Sept. 8 game to reach 4,191, but he didn’t pull himself or approach subsequent at-bats half-assed. He lined hard to Shawon Dunston later in the game, a rope that easily could have been 4,192. He benched himself Sept. 9 (the series opener at Riverfront) and went 0-for-4 in front of a SRO crowd Sept. 10.
  • Hit No. 4,192 came 57 years to the day after Cobb played in his last game. Pete’s 4,000th hit had come exactly 21 years after his first base hit.
  • Lee Weyer, the home plate umpire when Pete collected his 4,192nd hit, was the third base ump in the April 8, 1974 game in which Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record of 714 career home runs.
  • Ed Montague, the first base umpire on Sept. 11, 1985, was umpiring second base when Barry Bonds hit his 715th home run to pass Ruth. Also, Montague’s father, a former Cleveland Indian, played against Ty Cobb.
  • The first guy to congratulate Pete was Tommy Helms, who came up through the minors with Pete and was one of his best friends. Rose grabbed Helms as he sobbed and said, “I don’t know what to do.” Helms replied, “That’s OK, boss. You’re number one. You deserve it all.”
  • Padres pitcher Eric Show sat down on the mound during most of the seven-minute celebration but also got up and went over to first to shake Pete’s hand.
  • A red Corvette was driven in from the outfield during the celebration. It bore the Ohio license plate PR 4192. The color, he was told, was “Rose red.” Rose suggested a better description might be “Cincinnati Reds red.”
  • Rose’s second wife, Carol (who was 31 at the time) and their 11-month-old son Tyler were in the stands. His ex-wife, Karolyn, was also on hand as Pete hugged Pete Jr. Petey later said he had not only never seen his dad cry but had “never really got a hug or a kiss before.” Tommy Gioiosa and Ron Peters were also at the game; Peters (Rose’s bookie) watched from a seat along the third-base line courtesy of Rose. And then there’s the famous line from Collision at Home Plate about how Pete changed his uniform shirt three times during the game – one shirt for himself, one for Marge and one to sell. Gioiosa later told Vanity Fair he was in the clubhouse before the game and watched Rose put on several undershirts instead of just one. Gioiosa said Rose told him, “I’ll sell every one of these motherf—ers.”
  • Rose not only made the final out on a diving stop at first on a Steve Garvey liner, he scored both of the Reds’ runs in the 2-0 win. BTW, Nick Esasky drove him in both times.
  • Tom Browning pitched a heck of a game, going 8 1/3 shutout innings. He doubled too.
  • Mayor Luken had scheduled an official celebration on Fountain Square at 11:30 a.m. two days after Rose broke Cobb’s record. The delay was due in part to Rose, who didn’t want to get up early after playing in a night game and was expected to make appearances on early-morning network news shows (they even taped Phil Donahue’s show at Riverfront the morning after the hit). But city council had passed an ordinance to change 2nd Street to Pete Rose Way, and Luken said the new street signs would go up in an unveiling ceremony at 10 a.m. the morning after he broke the record.
  • Reds Classic Rewind

    Pete Rose - 4192
    Is on now! Very cool.

    – What a great moment. I remember watching the game at my grandparents house in Ludlow, KY.
    – The shot of Pete & Marge Schott hugging is pretty bittersweet. Two beloved Cincinnatians who eventually would become embattled.
    – Tom Browing works pretty damn quickly, also didn’t know he finished 2nd in ROY votes that year.
    – HAHA Steve Garvey. What a douche.
    – Tony Gywnn is a God.
    – Dave Parker is a BIG man.
    – Lots of bitchin’ mustaches in this game.
    – Joe Morgan’s color commentary: pretty rough. “The rule book says…” ugh.
    – Bo Diaz – RIP

    TIcket from the Reds game were Pete Rose hit 4192

    Reds Classic Rewind

    Just saw this on Kiese’s blog … first I’ve heard of it. FSN Ohio is going to televise classic Reds games in their entirety every Monday for nine weeks (starting this Monday). Kiese says Thom Browning and Jeff Brantley will host … I think he means Thom Brennaman. Anyway, here’s the lineup …

    Monday (Jan. 14) Pete 4,192
    Jan. 21: 1990 NLCS Game 6 vs. Pittsburgh
    Jan. 28: 1990 World Series Game 4 vs. Oakland
    Feb. 4: 1978 Tom Seaver’s no-no vs. St. Louis
    Feb. 11: 2006 Reds comeback win vs. Cleveland
    Feb. 18: 1988 Browning’s perfect game
    Feb. 25: 1975 World Series Game 3 vs. Boston
    Mar. 3: 1975 World Series Game 6 vs. Boston
    Mar. 10: 1975 World Series Game 7 vs. Boston