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OMGreds Wiffle Ball All Stars

OMGreds – Always hackin’, never lackin’

After seven years as the Reds Summer Wiffle Classic, our favorite Wiffle® Ball tournament has a new name and new charity – Wiffle® Slam supporting The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Foundation.

Wiffle® Slam takes place on Saturday, July 26 at Waterworks Park in Fairfield Ohio and is part of this year’s Nuxy’s Bash. After the tournament finals, Nuxy’s Bash will commence with a celebrity softball game, silent auction entertainment and more. Nuxy’s Bash is free and open to the public.

Wiffle® Slam – Tournament Details:

Date: Saturday, July 26th

Location: Waterworks Park (Fairfield, OH) – Semi Finals and championship game at the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields.

Time: Pool play starts at 9am followed by single elimination bracket.

Cost: $125.00 per team with additional fundraising $$ appreciated!

Registration: Download form (PDF)

Day of Signups: There will be no “day of” signups. All fees must be in hand prior to tourney date.

More Information: The Wiffle® Slam will be exactly what you have come to expect with the former Summer Wiffle® Classic…. Except for a new charity and at a new location. All the rules stay the same!

Very Cool: The semi-final and championship games will be played on the Miracle League Fields as crowds arrive for Nuxy’s Bash!

Nuxy’s Bash: The Wiffle® Slam will be a part of the Nuxy’s Bash! All players are invited to the events following the Wiffle® Slam that include a Celebrity Softball game, Auctions/Raffles, entertainment and more!

For more information on The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League and the Miracle League Fields, please visit www.nuxhallmiracleleague.org.

Riverfront Tee

Riverfront t-shirt

“Riverfront” tee by Blue Seat Media

Our friends at Blue Seat Media (creators of Cincy Lineup) have designed a fantastic shirt paying Homage to a place where many of us spent our childhood summer nights – Riverfront Stadium. Here’s the word from Blue Seat:

Chris Sabo, Eric Davis, The Nasty Boys, The Big Red Machine. So many of us grew up at Riverfront Stadium sitting in the red, yellow or green seats, or if you were lucky enough, the blue seats. This is a limited edition run of 90 T-shirts in honor of the great 1990 World Series Wire-to-Wire Champs. The design is by Blue Seat, a Cincinnati-based baseball product company. Yes, our name is inspired by Riverfront! The shirts are printed on high quality fabric and we have women’s sizes.

Reserve yours now: http://teespring.com/riverfront

Domo Arigato Mr. Joey Votto

Domo Arigato Mr. Joey Votto

Domo Arigato Mr. Joey Votto by Cincy Shirts benefiting the Joey Votto Foundation

Our friends at Cincy Shirts have teamed up with the Joey Votto Foundation for a lineup of Votto-inspired shirts in both adult and kid sizes. Each sale benefits the Joey Votto Foundation. More information:

Cincy Shirts is proud to team up with the Joey Votto Foundation to create this collection of Votto Inspired apparel. A large portion of the net proceeds from the sale of each shirt will be donated directly to the foundation to support the healing of families affected by posttraumatic stress. You can also join Joey’s team by making a donation at www.vottofoundation.org.

View the entire Joey Votto Foundation t-shirt lineup

Dave Parker 1987 Topps
Joey Votto - Canadian Mountie

However, at Cincinnati the first game is always played there. This is because the Citizens of this Ohio city do not consider Opening Day just as Opening Day. They consider it one small notch below Christmas.

Fred Schwed, Jr. (1957)

199C at BLDG in Covington, KY

199C Rocked It

Baseball season kicked off a few days early in Covington with the opening of 199C at BLDG on Friday night. Wiffle Ball in the street, cold beer in the tubs, fantastic artwork on the walls and face-melting music fueled a night of celebration all for the love of baseball.

Cafe Lang Thang and Marty’s Waffles were on hand to dish out their tasty items while Automagik kicked out the jams. Speaking of, check their cover of 700 WLW’s jingle, “The Reds are on the Radio”

The Reds Are On The Radio! from BLDG on Vimeo.

If you missed the opening, you can still see the show and purchase art or prints through April 25. BLDG gallery hours are 9-6 Monday through Friday or by appointment. Contact info@bldgrefuge.com to make an appointment and more information can be found here. Prints and that awesome hat are now available on BLDG’s online shop.

A few photos from the show for ya…

Neltner 199C Process Video

Talented artist, designer and friend Keith Neltner just released this process video for his contribution to the 199C show opening Friday, March 28 at BLDG in Covington, Ky. Keith wields a mean pen and ink, and seeing him channel baseball through his craft just makes our brain melt. Check out more of Keith’s work at www.neltnersmallbatch.com.

BLDG 199c hat

199C Swag

Folks, 199C opens tomorrow afternoon at 4pm at BLDG in Covington, Ky. You’ll be there right? We’ve been stoked on the show since its announcement, but now we’re siked after seeing and hearing about some very limited edition items that will be available for you to nab at the show.

First off, the hat featured above is a must-have. This one is a pre-production comp, but the retail version will still feature the same icon and will be just as, or even more, badass. Be quick on these – They’re super-limited. Only 20 will be available and are priced at $30.

Second, there will be a number of prints available at the show. BLDG is crafting a set of four prints, each fitting the baseball theme of the show. Prints will be available at the show on www.bldgrefuge.com for $35 a piece or as a set for $95. Teasers for the designs are pictured below.

BLDG 199c print teaser

BLDG 199c print teaser

BLDG 199c print teaser

Also, prints from our friends at Unheard Of will be available featuring the infamous and iconic Mr. Deadlegs and the infamous and iconic Pete Rose. You can snag one of these for $40. We got a peak at them before the show and they are Boss Hoss. Here’s a teaser for those bad-boys…

199c UnheardOf Mr. Deadlegs print

BLDG 199C Unheard Of print of Pete Rose

See you there.


JB for Mayor

Oh man, these “For Mayor” limited-edition prints from Topps are the jam. Get yourself a Johnny Bench quickly – They’re editioned out of 99 and only available until opening day. Go check out the rest of the selection as well. $49.99 at Topps.com


New Food at GABP

OMGreds had to opportunity to taste many of the new food offerings that will be at Great American Ball Park this year during the recent “2014 Media Tasting.” This season will see a lot of great additions to the ballpark menu. Here are some of the highlights:

Taste of Belgium Waffles

Dubbed “The Official Waffle of the Cincinnati Reds” the up-and-coming Cincinnati brand, Taste of Belgium, will be peddling their famous waffles at Reds game. This is huge for us at OMGreds – We’ve been fans of ToB for years. Not only will you be able to pick up a waffle (with toppings) to snack on, they’ll also be offering their popular Waffle ‘n’ chicken: Chicken breast on a waffle with Ohio maple syrup and hot sauce. Pair that with a side order of frites – twice-fried French Belgian fries and you’ve got a heck of a ballpark meal.

You can find Taste of Belgium waffles at the ballpark behind section 133 on the first base concourse.

Taste of Belgium’s menu at GABP

Waffle – $5.00
Chocolate & Cream Waffle – $7.00
Strawberry & Cream Waffle – $7.00
Waffle & Chicken – $10.00
Frites – $7.00

The Bacon

Holy moly. “The Bacon” is a monster. It’s a BLT with extra, extra, extra bacon. A pound of bacon, in fact. Lettuce, tomato and pepper mayo on an artisan roll round out the sandwich while being paired with chips, pickle and potato salad. The potato salad is totally ninja. While you’re awe-struck by the sandwich, the potato salad totally sneaks up on you – It’s fantastic. Make sure you save room for it. This insane concoction is available at The Machine Room. Good thing, since you’ll need to sit down for this one.

Baja Tacos

I remember having a fish taco at Peco Park in 2003 and thinking how exotic it was to have one at a ballgame. Fast forward a few years and GABP has its own very solid offing. Also available in the Machine Room, this double-shelled taco features battered fish, cabbage, queso fresco, pico and baja sauce. It’s a great alternative to the typical ballpark hotdog and burger fare. Give it a whirl.

The Chipper

The Chipper just might be our go-to snack at ballgames this year. Saratoga chips are served “nacho-style” with pulled pork, nacho cheese, pickled jalapeño peppers and red onions. De-lish! It comes in two sizes – a single-serve smaller size and a larger, more sharable version. Don’t sleep on these, give them a try during one of you first games of the year.

Smoked Cardinal

Mr. Red’s Smokehouse has been clutch for OMGreds the past few seasons. Those night when we’re doing “dinner at the ball park” Red’s is usually our go-to choice. A feature this season will be the “Smoked Cardinal” – An item that is not only delicious, but you can also take your anger out on. Just taking a bite conjures up fantasies of eating Tony LaRussa’s face off… oh. That’s just me? Sorry. I digress. The Smoked Cardinal is damn good. Just get one.

1900 Burger

If you venture up the Riverfront Club – it is open to everyone, after all – make sure you give the 1900 burger a try. It’s hefty slab of meat served with house Cheez Whiz, grilled onions (love!), tomato, house white bread and house chips. If you’re able to “house” this big-boy you’ll likely not eat the rest of the day – it’s one heck of a burger. The burger is part of The Riverfront Club’s new “Our New Gastro Pub Bar Menu” also featuring the “RFC Bucket” with buttermilk fried game hen. Wow!

Hand Rolled Sushi

We still can’t get over how Paul Daughtery made such a big deal about sushi being available at GABP a few years ago. I personally think it’s a great option at a ballgame. Now, while it was nice to grab a sushi roll at the UDF stands, the several times I tried them they just weren’t up to par. But, this season, you’ll be able to snack on fresh, hand-rolled at the ball park sushi – just as the baseball gods intended. Rolls will be available at concession stands around the ballpark, so give it shot.

Here’s a full list of new offerings available at GABP this summer.


  • Mr. Red’s Smoke House (The Smoked Cardinal, Pulled Pork Platter with Mac and Cheese)
  • Queen City (Beer Brat & Goetta Burger)
  • The Long Bar (60 Taps & 23 different beers)
  • Taste of Belgium (Featuring their Waffle)
  • Hand Rolled Sushi (Available through the ballpark)
  • The Chipper (Pulled Pork, Nacho Cheese, Pickled Jalapeno Peppers & Red Onions)

Riverfront Club (Featuring Our New Gastro Pub Bar Menu)

  • 1900 Burger (House Cheez Whiz, Grilled Onion, Tomato House White Bread, House Chips)
  • RFC Bucket (Buttermilk Fried Game Hen, Sriracha Pickle Chips, Maple Gravy, House Chips)
  • Cheese & Tomato (Brioche, Grafton Cheddar and Candied Bacon with Tomato Soup and House Chips)


  • Spanish Sampler (Roasted Vegetable Empanadas, Carne Diablo Short Ribs & Chicken Taquitos)
  • Skins Trio (Our Three Signature Potato Treats)
  • Batch Cocktails (Rum Punch, Red Sangria & Electric Strawberry Lemonade)
  • Rum Raisin Crisp (Oats and Brown Sugar with Chantilly Cream)

The Machine Room

  • Pickle Chips (Cilantro Ranch)
  • Baja Tacos (Battered Fish, Cabbage, Queso Fresco, Pico & Baja Sauce)
  • The Big Red Burger (Sriracha Mayo, Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers & Fried Onions)
  • The Bacon (1 Pound of Sliced Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Pepper Mayo on an Artisan Roll w/ Chips, Pickle & Potato Salad)


We snapped a few pics of the new food to be sampled at GABP this season. Take a look…

Cincinnati Reds Star Wars SGA t-shirt

May this shirt be on you…

The first 20K fans at the Reds game on Saturday, May 3 will receive this exclusive t-shirt. Tickets and information on Reds Star Wars Weekend.

GABP craft beers in cans

2014 GABP Beer

The Reds are once again upping their craft beer game at GABP this summer. Take a peek at the list below – It’s impressive. Many OMGreds favorites are on there – Moerlein, Bells Oberon, Rhinegeist, Mt. Carmel, Madtree and more. Should be a fun summer of baseball and brews!

Reds Brewery District

The most noticeable ballpark feature new for the 2014 season is The Reds Brewery District, an 85-foot-long bar between sections 117 and 118 on the third base concourse. It will be home to 60 taps featuring 23 different craft beers plus Anheuser-Busch products Bud Light, Goose Island and Stella Artois. A dozen local craft beers will be served including selections from Christian Moerlein, MadTree, Blank Slate, 50 West, Rhinegeist, Mt. Carmel and Rivertown. New selections will be rotated in throughout the season.

National // Origin

Angry Orchard // Ohio
Bell’s Oberon // Michigan
Blue Moon // Colorado
Bud Light // National
Founders All Day IPA // Michigan
Goose Island // Chicago
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy // Wisconsin
New Belgium Fat Tire // Colorado
Oskar Blues Dale Pale // Colorado
Sam Adams // Seasonal Boston
Sierra Nevada // California
Stella Artois // Belgian

Local // Origin

Blank Slate – Lesser Path IPA // Ohio
Fifty West Thirty-37 Session Pale Ale // Ohio
Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale // Ohio
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale // Kentucky
Madtree // Ohio
Moerlein OTR Ale // Ohio
Moerlein Season // Ohio
Mt. Carmel Nut Brown Ale // Ohio
Rhinegeist Truth IPA // Ohio
Rivertown Seasonal // Ohio
West Sixth IPA // Kentucky

Morlein Lager House Craft Beer Stands

Two Moerlein Lager House craft beer concession stands are debuting, offering several of the local favorite’s craft beers and 48 bottled beer selections. The Moerlein Lager House concession stands are located behind section 130 on the first base concourse and 113 on the third base concourse.

Draft Beers

Moerlein Over-The-Rhine Ale // Both Locations
Moerlein Zeppelin Pale Ale // Both Locations
Moerlein Original Golden Helles // Both Locations
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale // 1 Location
Goose Island // 1 Location

Bottled Beers

Abita Seasonal
Ace Perry Cider
Avery White Rascal
Batch 19
Bell’s Amber Ale
Bell’s Midwestern Pale Ale
Bells Oberon
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
Blue Moon
Coronado Orange Avenue
Dales Pale Ale
Flying Dog UnderDog Atlantic Lager
Founders All Day IPA
Founders Centennial IPA
Goose Island 312
Goose Island IPA
Goose Island Oktoberfest
Henry Weinhart
Highland Gaelic Ale
Kona Big Wave Golden Ale
Kona Longboard Lager
Lagunitas IPA
Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy
Moerlein Northern Liberties IPA
Mt. Carmel Amber Ale
New Holland Full Circle Kölsch
New Holland White Hatter Belgian IPA
Red Bridge (gluten-free)
Redd’s Apple Ale
RedHook Audible Ale
Rhinegeist Cougar Ale
Rhinegeist Truth IPA
Sam Adams
Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat
Sierra Nevada
Southern Tier Live Pale Ale
Tröegs Sunshine Pils
Wyld Extra Pale Ale
Upland Campus Session Ale
Upland Helios Pale Ale
Wimder Omission Ale

Silver | Gold

If you saw the guerrilla “BP 4 pREDSident” campaign in 2011, you’ve seen Tyler Shelton’s handy-work with the Krylon can. The talented Cincinnati artist is a big fan of Brandon Phillips and just released this must-see process video of his most recent piece.

You can pick up a print of Brandon Phillips Silver | Gold on Tyler’s website for $25 or just $10 using the promo code “GOLDEN”.

On his Twitter account – @TribeTyler – Tyler’s also giving away at least three prints and one original of the Silver | Gold piece. The more RTs, the more that will be given away. Give him a follow for details.

More of Tyler’s work on his website: www.tylersheltonart.com

Now you’ve Heard

Unheard Of Mr. Deadlegs Snapback

Mr. Deadlegs for your head

Unheard Of – The Swag King of Cincinnati – just dropped a massive bomb this morning with the release of hats and tees celebrating baseball and opening day in the Queen City.

First, the Mr. Deadlegs snapback, an OMGreds favorite, is back! It made its debut last summer in four colorways and sold out fast. Four new variations – Red Black/Red Grey and Tiffany/Black – are in stock for 2014 and will probably go quickly again. You better act fast. $29.99 in-store or on unheardofbrand.com.

Bart Simpson Jay Bruce

“Bart Bruce” is the perfect jam for the Reds fan with a Simpsons problem. Or, is it a Reds problem? Either way, El Barto channels his inner Texas-lefty for this killer tee. $35.00 Red and White S M L XL XXL in-store or on unheardofbrand.com.

Unheardof Big Dead Machine

The Big Red Machine will never die – They’ll just become zombies. Unheard Of really brings it with this tee featuring the now-iconic “Big Dead Machine”. $29.99 Black/Red and Red/White S M L XL XXL in-store or on unheardofbrand.com.

It's known around the country that Opening Day in Cincinnati is different than anywhere else. Opening Day in Cincinnati has become an event that's more than just the game.

Neil Luken



Opening Day is hurdling its way towards us like that meteor in Armageddon. But, just like every other year, Bruce Willis can’t stop this mama jama. It’s going to destroy this town and we’re going to love every bit of it.

Add to your must-attend Opening Day events this year 199C – Cincinnati’s only Opening Day art event. Hosted by the always-fresh crew at BLDG Gallery in Covington, Ky, 199C will feature over 40 artists, local and beyond, paying homage to the great game of baseball, Cincinnati and, of course, Opening Day.

The hallowed doors of BLDG Gallery open at 4pm on Friday, March 28 and the party goes on all night long with live music from Automagik, head-to-head vintage video game competitions, street Wiffle Ball and food trucks. If you can’t make it down for the opening, artwork will be on display at BLDG until April 25.

OMGreds will have a few pieces in the show, so you’ll at least want to show up for that! Am I right? Am I?

So, make sure you kick-off your Opening Weekend right. Take it from the OMG: This will be the jam.

More information: www.bldgrefuge.com/199c/

BLDG - what else did you expect?

Those BLDG fellas know how to throw down.

Because I’m Gappy!

Because I'm Gappy

Slap Gappy

Cincy Shirts cranks out a great one for the kiddos! Get the “Because I’m Gappy” tee for your little Reds fan. They need some new shirts for the summer, right?

Buy Now: $20

Mr. OK

Mr OK t-shirt by We Have Become Vikings

You’re more than OK, Mr. OK

Our brothers from another mother down at We Have Become Vikings have melted our minds with this masterpeice – The Mr. OK Tee. Make sure you’re ready for this one. It will wear you. Cop it on the quick at www.wehavebecomevikings.com.

Buy Now: $20

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