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So, that’s how he does it!

Bronson Arroyo and his fancy hat tricks with the pine tar and the stuff
Pine Tarded

Arroyo watch

Arroyo WatchThursday: 7 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, 4 Ks. And another win.

That’s his 12th consecutive quality start. Go all the way back to July 22 for an Arroyo start in which he allowed more than 3 runs.

In his six starts in August, he posted a 1.99 ERA (fifth best in the majors for the month). So far in September he’s pitched 36 innings and allowed 8 runs (2.00 ERA).

His 2.34 ERA since the All-Star Break is fourth best in the majors (behind Wainwright, Greinke and Carpenter).

Separated at Birth?

We’ve all seen Bronson flex his acting muscles before. That dude in the backseat of the car playing guitar in the commercial looks awfully familiar, no?

Whats That?

Arroyo: Fighting uphill battle with Reds

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It’s okay, you were distracted

Bronson Arroyo designed t-shirtI know, I was too. It’s Mega-Junior-Mania today. It’s okay.

But you did miss this – the Reds gave us a peek of the new Bronson Arroyo-designed t-shirt to be given away at the game on Saturday, August 9th. The Redlegs take on the Astronomicals that evening.

As you can see by the photo on the left, the tee is Arroyo-tastic. You’ll be singing “Together Agaaaaaain!!!!” every time you put it on, I swear.

Here’s what the Big Red Promotional Machine has to say about this fine piece of attire:

Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo’s musical talents are well known, but now the right-hander has put his art skills to work on a giveaway for the fans! On Saturday, Aug. 9, the first 20,000 fans in attendance will receive a Reds T-shirt designed by Arroyo, thanks to CBS Personnel. The shirt features a stylish print with Arroyo’s No. 61, a white wishbone C and a nod to Bronson’s music career with a guitar.

Fan. Tastic.

I think we’ve had enough fashion this year from the Reds between the Junior Camo jersey, 80’s Dunn and the Cowboy’s beret.

Tom Browning In better news, you can cleanse your pallet after the Dunn bobble with the Tom Browning “Mr. Perfect” Bobblehead! Here’s a look at that one too. Looks nice. Chiquita is a new sponsor of the bobbleheads… looks kinda funny to see their logo on one of these. You can pick one of the 30,000 up on Tuesday, September 16 – the 20th anniversary of Browning’s perfect game. Very nice.

Beef Hoagie!!!

Broson Arroyo and his Beef Hoagie!
Ol’ Double Flaps hit himself a ding dong and personal catcher David Ross had a fatty beef hoagie waiting for him at home plate. THEY’RE TOGETHER AGAIN!

They’re Together Again!

With Bronson Arroyo on the mound today, I thought I’d mention the two new JTM (a.k.a. Jesus, That’s Meat?) commercials that he and broadcaster Chris Welsh star in.

Bronson really seems to be getting into it while rockin’ out on his guitar and singing about fake meat. Both spots are pretty funny, but they’ll be impossible to watch in about 7 minutes because FSN airs them constantly.

Question: Will Bronson play this song during one of his concerts?

Sure is windy there!

Bronson give the camera a pretty fierce look at the end of this one, look out!