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10-game win streak > 5-game losing streak

Fear not, Reds fans. You win ten games in a row and 15 of 16 so that it doesn’t kill you to lose five in a row. Would the Reds prefer to avoid a five-game losing skid? Of course. But they’ve got a 2.5-game lead in the Central through Game 112 of the season. If I’d told you exactly three weeks ago – when the Reds had a .5 game lead – that their lead would be 2.5 games on Aug. 9, you’d take it, right?

Some glass-half-full observations from tonight:

• 3 hits from Brandon Phillips, who had had just one in 11 at-bats since returning from injury. With BP hitting and Votto almost back, I’m keeping the faith.

• Gotta love another lead-off home run from Zack Cozart in the 1st. The crazy and tough-to-swallow stat about Cozart home runs: Of his 15 career home runs (two in 2011, and 13 this season), do you know how many have come with runners on base? One (6/3/12 in Houston off Jordan Lyles). I know solo home runs are to be expected from a lead-off batter, but it’s pretty nuts that 14 of his 15 career homers have been solo shots.

• Granted, it WAS the John Morrell Hot Dog Play of the Game. But the 6-3-5 double play – where Cozart threw out Soriano at first and then Cairo gunned out Rizzo at third (with a perfect tag by Frazier) was very impressive.

• Also pretty was Mesoraco’s grab right next to the dugout, with the ball just barely in play on David DeJesus’ foul out in the 6th.

Welsh’s “Huh?” remark of the game:

As we’ve said before, we are Chris Welsh fans and we enjoy the analysis and insight he provides during the broadcast despite his questionable fashion sense. That said, about 2 to 5 times each game, he says something that makes us respond with either “Huh?” or “Wha?” Tonight, Welsh suggested that Mesoraco could’ve used the concussion he sustained against the Padres as a defense to explain why he went berserk and bumped umpire Chad Fairchild, resulting in his suspension. Really?

It is worth pointing out that Welsh was right on the money in his praise of Xavier Paul for taking as he led off against Carlos Marmol in the ninth and delivering a great at-bat that resulted in an infield single. Facing Marmol, I’m not sure why on earth you WOULDN’T take until you got a strike, especially with that strike zone as tight as it was. (Cozart, therefore, also deserves praise for his four-pitch walk against Marmol with two outs in the ninth.)

Chris Welsh, what on earth are you wearing, bro?

Chris Welsh

If you need an ‘Opening Day’ fix

If you don’t get enough of a baseball at Redsfest, Champions Baseball Academy is opening up their new location at the Riverstar baseball/softball complex near Kellog and I-275. On Sunday, December 4 they’ll be having a little open house with guests Tom Browning, Chris Welsh and Yonder Alonso. Maybe OMG will stop by and take a few cuts in the batting cages.

More information for ya…

Champions Baseball Academy Celebrates Its Own “Opening Day” December 4

Champions Baseball Academy has moved to a new spacious location and will kick things off with an “Opening Day” celebration, December 4 from 12:30 – 4:00pm. Activities include a hitting clinic with Reds slugger Yonder Alonso, a pitching clinic with Tom Browning and Chris Welsh, and a fielding clinic by one of Champions’ top ranked instructors.

There will also be refreshments, prizes and give-a-ways including Louisville Slugger baseball bats and gloves, batting gloves, Reds autographed baseballs and more.

Admission and all activities are free.

Champions Baseball Academy’s new indoor location is located at the Riverstar baseball/softball complex, 5994 Linneman St., Cincinnati, OH 45228. That is just a few blocks west of I-275 and Kellog Ave., near Riverbend Music Center and Coney Island.

Champions Baseball Academy has been the area leader for baseball/softball instruction for more than a decade. It boasts a staff of three former major league players: Tom Browning, Chris Welsh and Director of Pitching, Buster Keeton. Champions offers indoor leagues, group, private and expanded lessons, camps, clinics, tournaments and player showcases.

For more information contact, Mike Bricker, GM: 513-831-8873 or visit

Reds Winter CaraVan Hagar: Columbus

2011 Reds Winter Caravan - Columbus

Dusty Baker, Chris Welsh, Homer Bailey and Todd Frazier signing autographs on the Columbus stop of the 2011 Reds Caravan

Alright, Van Hagar is a HUGE stretch, but I somehow had to tie in my inability to “Drive 55*” while heading up 71 North for the final stop of the Northern Leg of the 2011 Reds Winter Caravan. I was nailed doing 85 in a 65. My excitement for the Reds and malls in general could not be contained.

As for the Caravan, like all of the rest of the stops, attendance was up significantly. It was estimated that over 600 folks were taking in the festivities at Polaris Fashion Place just north of Downtown Columbus.

While standing in line, I was unable to hear anything from the stage at the center of the mall. I’m not sure if they did a Q&A, but if they did, it was short and they got on with the autograph line pretty quickly. From my spot, maybe 250 folks from the front, I was able to move through in under an hour and a half. I was really happy to finally add Homer Bailey to my autograph collection. He’s one of the few guys on the team I haven’t been able to track down between Redsfest and other events. Along with Homer, I snagged sigs from Todd “The Situation” Frazier, Chris Welsh and Dusty Baker for my son and myself. Dusty did a very nice personalization on my son’s baseball card. That will be a special card in his little collection. Thank you, Dusty!

All-in-all it was a nice reason to take a little road trip with the family and remedy the winter blues. It’s always great seeing the folks we know with the Reds and Cincinnati USA as well as getting some autographs.

*Yes, yes yes, I know Sammy Hagar did that song solo, but CaraVan Hagar was too good to pass up. Will you let it slide this time?

These Kids, they’re alright

The Comeback Kids: Cincinnati Reds—2010 Championship Season
If you’re itching to relive the Reds 2010 season at Redsfest, but just can’t stand the wait, get yer fanny down to the Reds Hall of Fame tomorrow night (11/18) for the release of The Comeback Kids. Authors Mark Schmetzer and Joe Jacobs will be on-hand to sign copies and dish about their freshly printed book. And we mean fresh… it’s actually being printed that day. BAM!

Reds broadcaster and left-handed craftsman Chris Welsh – who wrote the book’s forward – will also be there, so you know it’s going to be a jam.

The Comeback Kids tells the remarkable story of the 2010 National League Central Division Champion Reds and their first postseason appearance since 1995. The full-color book features more than 100 photos and provides a month-by-month look back at the season.

We’re excited about the book, not only to look back at a fun 2010 season, but also that friend of OMGreds, Aaron Doster has a gaggle of photos featured in it. Can’t wait to see ’em!

For more information about the even, check out

One more reason to love Welsh … and a decent Votto factoid

Once again, Welsh is the man. Not afraid to point out that among Jim Bowden’s first moves as general manager of the Reds was to leave Trevor Hoffman unprotected, allowing the Marlins to acquire him via the 1992 expansion draft.

hahahahaha … thanks, Jim, for making sure Hoffman didn’t get any of those 596 saves as a Red.

Three other thoughts:

  • When is the last time the top 4 hitters in any lineup collected 15 hits in one game? Wow. (The Twins, who won 19-1 Monday night, had 13 hits from their first 4.) Jeff Piecoro said during Reds Live post-game that it was the first time since 1989 the Reds had three different players collect four or more hits.
  • Jay Bruce has struck out at least once in all but two games he has started in July. He has 11 multi-strikeout games since June 13. He’s driven in 4 runs this month (he did get one tonight); scored 6 runs, walked 4 times and hasn’t homered in July; and he got off to a fast start on the basepaths this season – with 5 stolen bases by May 22 – but he hasn’t stolen one since. Maybe the kid needs a little more rest than he’s getting.
  • Votto, meanwhile, has 7 multi-hit games this month. And he’s reached base in all but one game (July 19) he’s started since April 24. And here’s the exclusive Votto-stat of the day … Votto has had seven 4-hit games in his career, and 5 of them have happened on the road. In five different cities: Milwaukee, St. Louis (6/1/10), Pittsburgh (9/23/09), Toronto (6/25/09) and Chicago (4/23/09).

The Welsh Perspective

Chris Welsh has the greatest mustache of all-time. It's true

All time!

Check it out – The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum is kicking off their “Baseball Perspectives” series this Thursday with former Reds pitcher and current Reds broadcaster, Chris Welsh. The formerly-mustached Welsh will share his thoughts on baseball from both the player and broadcaster points-of-view.

In addition to talk, you’ll walk out with an autograph* from Mr. Welsh and a Reds Hall of Fame Magnet set.

I do enjoy Welsh’s take on the game during Reds broadcasts on Fox Sports Ohio, so I thinking this will be a pretty interesting session. It’ll likely be a “game-time” decision, but I’m going to try and make it down for the talk. Oh, and looking forward to some light beverages too!

A few more details from the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum:

Chris Welsh to appear at Reds HOF on Thursday

Former Reds pitcher and current FOX Sports Ohio television analyst Chris Welsh will be the featured speaker in the first installment of the Reds Hall of Fame’s new “Baseball Perspectives” speaker series on Thursday, June 24 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Welsh’s experiences as both a player for the Reds and a broadcaster for 17 years provide him with a unique perspective on the game. He will share his thoughts on both facets of his career and take questions from the audience.

All guests will receive a free autograph from Chris and a Reds Championship Magnet Set, featuring magnets representing the five World Series titles.

Prices for the event are $20 for museum members and $25 for non-members.

Light refreshments will be provided.

For tickets and more information, visit or call (513) 765-7921.

Baseball Perspectives: Chris Welsh
Thursday June 24, 2010
5 to 6:30 p.m.

Reds Hall of Fame & Museum
100 Joe Nuxhall Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202

*We have no clue if you’ll get an autographed 1987 Topps Chris Welsh card… we can only hope you do.


I’mma Let You Finish

Yo, Bert, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Chris Welsh had the best mustache of all time.

Separated at birth?

Chris Welsh and Abe Lincoln
Chris Welsh and Abe Lincoln? We think so.

Is Chris Welsh actually the Abe Lincoln of baseball?

Big thanks to our loyal reader, C. Ritter for whipping up this one!

Chris Welsh: A New Look?

Chris Welsh - A man of many looks
When the Reds are losing, things start to get zany in the broadcast booth. Tonight’s FSN text poll features Reds Broadcaster Chris Welsh and some potential new looks. What would you vote for? I would love to see Chris take a trip to House of Adam and strut out with a zoot suit, but alas, that’s not an option.

We’re not sure Chris could compete with Brantley’s beret.

The Offseason?

This is a stove. It may be hot. Or not. Think whatever you want
Is the ON SEASON here at Well, that’s probably a stretch. But, we’re all excited about this Reds offseason for many reasons. The Reds will be looking better next year. What moves will Jocketty have in store for the team? There are many great off-season events we are stoked about: Big Red Machine Reunion, Moeller Sports Card Show, Redsfest. Plus, spring training is right around the corner! Hellz yeah.

We are still sorting out our plans, but we will likely be at all the events and doing a little photoblogging, if not more here at

Big Red Machine Reunion
November 14-16
Duke Energy Center
more information

This is a pretty neat event and we’ll try and stop by. I have never been before, so not sure what to expect. The autograph prices are pretty steep, so I probably won’t be picking anything up at the show.

Moeller Thanksgiving Spectacular
November 28-30
Moeller High School
More information

I haven’t been to this show since I was a kid! They have a fantastic line-up this year featuring players from the the ’90s as well as current guys. Here’s a list of who’s signing at the show. It’s pretty impressive, really. The prices are not too bad, either.

Dave Parker (The Cobra!!!)
Joey Votto (VOTTOtron is happy)
Chris Dickerson (Exciting!)
Kal Daniels (Awesome, except I remember him more as a Dodger)
Ron Robinson (Big Red Ron)
Tom Browning (Mr. Frickin’ Hilarious)
Jon Warden (Actually, we are pretty stoked about Mr. Warden being there)

There are also a slew of minor leaguers with local ties that will be signing as well – very reasonably priced at $3 a signature. Check out for information on times, prices, etc.

We’ll be there for at least one day, if not more and putting up some photos from the show while we are there. Stay tuned!

Also, Cincy Card Shows need some help with their website. It makes my eyeballs bleed every time I go there for information. Make it stop!!

Redsfest XI
December 12-13
Duke Energy Center
More Information

OMGreds will be there with bells on. We might even blow out a special section here on the site for it. Planning is in the works now. Of course, most of our planning meeting consist of either going to Cyclones games for cheap PBR or Snappy Tomato Pizza buffet at lunch during the week – so you can imagine how much stuff we actually get done.

Anyways, we’re doing our best to win the VIP Sweepstakes so we can bring you an exclusive inside look at the whole thing. But, that hinges on actually winning. We’ll see how that goes. Wish us luck.

Of course, what is the best thing about Redsfest? The autographs! We’re total nerds about that stuff and we’re excited about the folks that are slated to attend Redsfest as of today:

Bronson Arroyo, Jeff Brantley, Marty Brennaman, Thom Brennaman, Jay Bruce, Jared Burton, Leo Cardenas, Clay Carroll, Zack Cozart, Chris Dickerson, Danny Dorn, George Foster, Todd Frazier, George Grande, Paul Janish, Jeff Keppinger, Devin Mesoraco, Brandon Phillips, Adam Rosales, Jordan Smith, Drew Stubbs, Chris Valaika, Joey Votto, Brandon Waring, and Chris Welsh.


Second wave of confirmations: Daryl Thompson, Ryan Hanigan, Craig Tatum, Jack Billingham, Wayne Granger, Jerry Lynch, Chuck Harmon, Tommy Helms, and Jim Maloney.

Watch out, I need to get my ’87 Topps Chris Welsh card signed, so just stay out of my way, okay? Cool. Thanks.

More on all this as each event approachs – Make sure to keep at the top of your bookmarks and our RSS feed on lock.

They’re Together Again!

With Bronson Arroyo on the mound today, I thought I’d mention the two new JTM (a.k.a. Jesus, That’s Meat?) commercials that he and broadcaster Chris Welsh star in.

Bronson really seems to be getting into it while rockin’ out on his guitar and singing about fake meat. Both spots are pretty funny, but they’ll be impossible to watch in about 7 minutes because FSN airs them constantly.

Question: Will Bronson play this song during one of his concerts?

Sure is windy there!

Bronson give the camera a pretty fierce look at the end of this one, look out!