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Corky Miller Chattanooga Lookouts bobblehead

XL, please

Wow. Just wow. Best shirt ever? Perhaps.

Tweet earlier from @Corky_Miller:

Check out new shirt a buddy made.

Followed by a Tweet from our old friend @D_Train35 (Dontrelle):

I gotta get one of those

Golden Grooming

If you follow Sam LeCure and/or Corky Miller on Twitter, you are quite aware of the Golden Groomer Award. No surprise to Reds fans, Corky Miller and his impeccable fu manchu won the inaugural Groomer. He is the best Corky of all-time, afterall.

Created by Nadia Dajani of Caught Off Base with Nadia, the Golden Groomer Award is a monthly prize given to the ballplayer with the fanciest, bushiest, Rolliest and goldenest facial grooming. All MLB and MiLB players are eligible for this prestigious award.

Competition for this month’s Golden Groomer will be heating up soon. Our man, Mr. LeCure, along with a few other mustached big leaguers will certainly be running neck and neck (or lip and lip… eww!) for for the next award.

OMGreds caught up with Nadia and got the down low on whole Golden Groomer Award for ya.

OMGreds: So, how did the whole Golden Groomer Award come about?

Nadia Dajani: The idea was all Sam’s actually. I can’t remember if we were chatting or texting but, as much as my Diet Coke-laced memory serves, Sam was saying he had reached out to John Axford via Twitter, giving him the ‘NL Player-with-best-stache award’ that week. So Sam and I were talking and he told me that he was thinking of making it a weekly award. My only contribution was the name – Golden Groomer Award – that was mine. Sam was gonna give the award once he saw the stache’s up close, with players from opposing teams coming through town. He said I could help ‘judge’. Then I realized that it would make a great episode for my show “Caught Off Base with Nadia” so I asked Sam if I could film it and he thought that was a great idea. He eventually thought it’d be best if I took over the whole thing, makes it easier for him to be eligible.

OMG: You dig facial hair?

Nadia: Ha! I guess sometimes I do. I thought I was going to grow up and marry Ron Guidry so I guess I was into a nice stache at a young age :)

OMG:What fellas were in the running for the first award?

Nadia: All players, in both leagues, were in the running and still are.

OMG:Our man, Corky Miller won the first award. His fu manchu is practically flawless. You can’t even look directly at it without your face melting. Did he win by a landslide?

Nadia: He won by a landslide. That stache should really have its own award though, the Golden Groomer doesn’t really do it justice.

OMG: When is the next round of Golden Groomer to judged and awarded?

Nadia: The award is given on the 1st of every month through October of this year.

Corky Miller won the inaugural Golden Groomer Award

Corky Miller - #staching

OMG: You designed and created the Golden Groomer Award, which Corky Miller is proudly wearing in the photo on the right. Can you describe your creative inspiration? Was a blow torch involved in any way?

Nadia: Ha! No blow torch. I originally sent Sam a pic of a gold razor I found on the interwebs, and we both thought that was pretty funny. But I wanted to be super goofy and creative (when I’m bored on set in between takes this is what amuses me). Here’s the story and y’all are the first ones to hear it: I found a Canadian company online that had these funny little mustache pins, only they were sold out and no longer for sale. I wrote to the company and asked if they’d consider making more as I needed 5 total. A woman wrote back right away and said she’d do it, then I had to ask that they be made without the pins on back, she said yes. With the mustaches being made in Canada, I went on a search for custom medals that were big enough and with a flat/smooth back. I found a company that would put a different month on each award (normally they want all the medals to be the same in such a small order). Both packages arrived a day apart and now I was on the hunt for gold nail polish that had to be JUST RIGHT. I found some and then painstakingly painted each award myself. With some Krazy Glue it was all ready! I’m so happy with how the award came out, very proud.

OMG: We’re rooting for Sam LeCure to bring home the next Golden Groomer. Do you have any tips for him? What will put his grooming over-the-top?

Nadia: I have no tips as each stache has its own flair. Sam’s is growing in very nicely and I’ll need him to send me a pic of it a few days before July 1st so I can see how its grown. Points are given for lots of different things but I love creativity and humor! I won’t say who but a certain player who was very close to winning, decided to take his stache in a different direction a few days before June 1st. It was still in the growing-out phase and therefore fell out of the running (he knows who he is).

OMG: We really dig what you’re doing with Caught off Base. Can you give our readers an insight into what you do, and where to catch you?

Nadia: Thanks so much! I’m an actor and starting this show made me very nervous as I’ve never addressed a camera before. I’ve been a baseball fan my whole life, even played Little League. I had the idea and knew a couple of players and asked if they’d be into it. I’ve basically gotten almost every interview because the player has so much fun doing it, they usually help me to get someone else. And now that the show has some traction, players are super into doing it. This past spring training, I sold a show kind of like it but for kids, to Disney. I reached out to a bunch of players who came and did goofy things with me like tap dancing and playing charades, it was nice that they trusted me so much, and most of us have remained friends. I’ve worked really hard in editing to make sure I never make a player look bad, I never ask anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself, and I don’t swear (total dork) so I think they’ve all realized that it’s more about the fans seeing them do things and answering questions you’d never hear them be asked at the ballpark. The show brings me so much joy, seriously is so fun for me, and I think they can pick up on that right away. There are 20 episodes so far and I try to put out one a month, they can be found at

Thanks to Nadia for being so gracious with her time and answering a few questions for us. Make sure you catch her on Twitter (@caughtoffbase) and of course, at


#Corky Miller #stacheshirt

Introducing the #stacheshirt

The Stached One, Corky Miller, dopped a Tweet the other day eluding to this t-shirt design and where he could get one. This, of course, lead us to wonder where we could get one too. Turns out, our skillets over at Reds Facts did this t-shirt up a while back, but were basically out-of-stock. With the renewed interest stemming from Corky’s tweet, new shirts are bring printed – even a purple edition just for Louisville Bats fans. Kick ass! Make sure you get your pre-order in ASAP as shirts are being sent to the printer Thursday, June 9th.

While your at it, get this shirt too.

Real mascots have mustaches

A shirt after the hearts of OMGreds everywhere

Straight Corkin’

While all the rest of the media is off asking all the fancy baseball players boring questions and getting the same boring answers back, Cincinnati.Com‘s “nhurm” got real with Corky Miller today. Talking about his post-seaon experience, game plans for the Phillies and Corky’s awesome-times Twitter account. There may have been other topics of discussion in there, but we were so mesmerized by the fu-man that we went in and out of focus. Don’t get sucked in!!!

Mor of dis plez:

For ol’ times sake, CORKY MILLER BOBBLEHEAD!!!

A day later

Great American Ball Park

Division Champs... ahhhhh

OMGReds threw the champagne-soaked jersey in the wash, took an ibuprofen, drank a Gatorade and headed back down to the ballpark to be part of the raucous crowd of 14,760 (not even close) to watch Willie Bloomquist and the 2010 National League Central champs battle the Astros. Observations:

• Five of the eight starting position players spent at least part of the season in Louisville. Valaika, Alonso and Francisco – the 2, 3 and 4 hitters – had more than 300 at-bats in Louisville this season. The Reds beat Nelson Figueroa a couple of weeks ago in Houston, but that was with Phillips, Votto, Rolen, Bruce, et al. And even though the ‘Stros entered the game having lost 6 of 7, they’re (now) a respectable 39-30 since the break. In other words, it’s tough to run out the lineup the Reds had tonight – even if you get your stars in toward the end of the game – and expect to win a big game. (More on the significance of the game later in the post.)

• That being said, we’ve still got big-time love for Heisey. Fantastic shoestring grab on the first out of the game. The 900 people who were in their seats in time to watch it cheered enthusiastically.

• Corky Miller had the bat fly out of his hands during his second-inning at-bat; it went all the way to the backstop and he walked all the way back to retrieve it himself. If you saw it, it was pretty unusual. I can’t remember the last time I saw a big-leaguer travel so far to retrieve his own equipment. Not that there was any problem, it’s cool that Corky is humble like that. You just never see that anymore.

• Yonder actually worked a count to 3-1. For a second I thought he might get his first base on balls as a Red, but then he grounded out. Seems to me like he hasn’t taken many pitches since he got called up.

• That was a SICK play by Valaika in the 6th. I didn’t get to see Web Gems tonight, but it better have been in there.

Sign the banner! Do it!

• Is there anything worse than a lame heckler at a ballgame? A guy with absolutely no decent material was trying to heckle Carlos Lee for most of the evening, trying to get under his skin with “Hey, Carlos, you suck!” and “Hey, Carlos, why didn’t you catch that?!” for balls hit into the stands. Everyone has had to sit by this guy before at a ballgame – isn’t it awful? Just so uncomfortable because he’s not even funny? It was brutal. “Hey, Carlos, I’ve got you on my fantasy team for next year, so you better tear it up!” Huh? Started singing the Gatorade “Be Like Mike” jingle with “Be Like Carlos” instead. You get the point. I almost moved from my great seat (which was not far from Carlos). Fail on the lame heckler’s part, too. Carlos went 3-for-4 with a run and an RBI. Oh, and his average is down this year (he had a very slow start) but he’s a career .287 hitter with 330 home runs. You might have an easier time heckling someone who DOES suck, guy. And getting some funny material so that at least the people who aren’t that annoyed that you’re loud, annoying, obnoxious and mean-spirited will chuckle. Turd.

• I hate to pick on our first-round pick of the 2008 draft again, but WTF was that fancy, behind-the-back flip attempt to Cueto covering first?? I didn’t get to see the replay, but it looked Bush League live. And I know the Astros scored their second run after some indecision on the grounder to Valaika on the next play, but to me Alonso’s failed attempt to make the highlight reel was far more egregious.

• Totally dug the organist playing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” on the calliope during the stretch. He also rocked “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper” between the 8th and 9th innings, which was not lost on us. Nor the dudes on the JumboTron offering more cowbell.

• Wilton Lopez sprints from the bullpen like Todd Coffey/Heath Bell/Papelbon. Who else does it? Me likey.

• Tuesday’s hero, Jay Bruce, didn’t look too sharp in his only at-bat, but he went A LONG WAY to catch that ball Anderson Hernandez hit in the 8th.

• Respectfully agree to disagree with Doc Rodgers’ Extra Innings’ assessment that Wednesday’s game was “a loss but really it was a major victory for the Reds.” I’d say an actual loss was a bigger deal than what I consider the “silver linings” (Cueto looking sharp and Nix returning from injury to go 2-for-3 with a walk) when home-field was still very much a reality. The Reds entered Wednesday trailing the Giants by 1 game and the Braves by 1/2 game in the race for the coveted second seed – hardly insurmountable with a handful of games left. I think losing Wednesday – which DOES significantly hurt the Reds’ shot at the No. 2 seed given that the Braves won again and the Giants (and Padres, for that matter) won too – is a bigger deal than Doc suggested. Otherwise Dusty wouldn’t have gotten all of the big guns up off the bench late in the game to try to win it.

Corky Powers?

Corky Powers on The Panty Dropper

The Panty Dropper

Listening to FM on my way to the ballpark and I heard WLWT’s Sheree Paolello doing a news update. She read a couple of items about the Reds winning the division title (uh oh, news anchor talking about sports makes me nervous like a closer in a non-save opp) and then mentioned that Jay Bruce’s title-clinching home run ball had been located, retrieved by Reds relief pitcher Corky Miller after it bounced back onto the field.

Wha? Reds relief pitcher? Forget Cordero and Chapman – what about Corky as our closer?! I’m picturing Corky as Kenny Powers from “Eastbound and Down”.

(ed. note: That image is a WORST PHOTOSHOP JOB EVAR)

Separated at Birth: Fu Manchu Catcher Edition

Miller & Munson... Both kick-ass, neither take names.

While a generation seperates these two players, their look does not. A tough-as-nails looking Corky Miller was recenlty re-called from AAA Louisville to fill in for the injured Ryan Hanigan. He’s looking Thurman Munson-esque in Jamie Ramsey’s photo over at Better Off Red.

We don’t know Corky personally, but in spite of his name, he seems like a take-no-prisoners type of guy.

RIP Thurman – He may have been a Yankee, but he was kick-ass.

I’mma Let You Finish

Yo, Corky Romano, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Corky Miller is the best Corky of ALL TIME!


Corky Miller Bobblehead

Corky Miller Bobblehead - Full Length!

You thought we were kidding right? Of course you didn’t. You know we’re goofy enough not only to own a Corky Miller bobblehead, but still actually have it. In our defense, we did have to dig deep into OMGreds warehouse storage to find it. He was safely wrapped in a Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper… about the only thing an actually newspaper is good for these days.

Funny thing is, if you do a Google image search for “Corky Miller Bobblehead” you actually can’t find any. Heck, you find images from our Sam LeCure LeVote before you find any of Corky. Well, here ya go… TWO photos of Corky’s legacy to the Chattanooga Lookouts. It’s like we’re doing the internet a friggin’ favor or something.