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Kruk says hustle like … Adam Dunn?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down any video of it (let us know if you find it) but I’ve read on several message boards about how on Monday’s Baseball Tonight John Kruk really dressed down Alfonso Soriano for his lack of hustle – and specifically mentioned former Red Adam Dunn as an example of a player who runs hard on a hit to the outfield.

Baseball Tonight had a timer set on Soriano going from home to 2nd base and one on Dunn doing the same but faster.

Did anyone see it? It all goes back to Dunn going all out because he’s not a Red anymore, right!

A man of contradictions

Direct quotes from Adam Dunn that appear in the first item of a notebook, when asked about the importance of playing in all 162 games in a season, which he’s never done. (He played in 161 in 2004 and has played in 160 twice.)

“It’s hard to play 162. I’d like to try. I love playing.”

“I think that there are some days you need to take off. You don’t need to play 162 games. You don’t need to. We got guys that are very capable of playing. I think about 155, that’s a good number. You got to have a break.”

“I really don’t care. I got a lot of other things to worry about than playing 162 games. But I’ll try this year. Do I think that it’s necessary? No.”

Hmmm … I actually feel a little dumber. And I’m a little surprised he didn’t try to take a potshot at the Reds while discussing his fascination/indifference with regard to playing every game in a season. I’m sure he thought about tacking on a “since I’m not a Red anymore” to the end of the “I love playing” sentence.

Zombie Bobbleheads

Zombie Adam Dunn Bobblehead
Just watchin’ the World Series, makin’ Zombies with Zombieland’s Zombify Yourself. Looks like Adam Dunn Bobblehead had a run-in with an undead while try to sneak down to the blue seats before a game at Riverfront. I told him not to go so early, the ushers are pretty hard to get past before the 3rd inning. You gotta be sly. Adam Dunn Bobblehead just didn’t listen and got himself Zombied.

Post a comment with your own Reds themed Zombies if you like.

Eric Davis Zombie

Poor Eric Davis Bobblehead was on his way to the speed pitch up in the yellow section of Riverfront. Unfortunately, he could never remember what section it was in and walked all the way around the stadium only to run into Zombie crawling out of a hot dog stand. He and his gold chains never had a chance. You would think he would use his bat, but he just couldn’t get it off his shoulder.

80s Adam Dunn Zombie
Dunn just has problems, right? Well, this is actually from eating too many FuNachos. Those knock-off “nachos” will do that do ya. Oh, and looking like Spencer Pratt isn’t helping things either.

Tom Browning Zombie
Ol’ Tommy B, much like the Dodgers on Sept. 16, 1988, ran into a buzzsaw. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Zombie Craig Wilson
Our favorite mullet, Craig Wilson actually got himself zombied down in Sarasota while in spring training with the Reds. Why he was still wearing his Pirates uniform is beyond us. I guess he just couldn’t give it up…. or he knew that he wouldn’t be wearing a Reds uniform anytime soon.

Zombie Mr. Redlegs
Well, not exactly a bobblehead, but this Mr. Redlegs at GABP is creepy enough on his own.

Hat Tip on the Zombie maker: JT at The Writer’s Journey

Finally! More WBC photos

Poor Joey Votto
We’ve posted some select photos of our trip to Toronto and the World Baseball Classic over in the OMGreds photoblog. Nothing too exciting – just some flavor from up north. A little Dunn, a little Votto… It’s all good in the hood.

Seriously, more photos this weekend. We’ll be at the Reds game on Saturday down in sunny Sarasota. Check the photoblog for the all the helmet sundae action.

Dunn to the Dbacks

According to ESPN, KTAR in Phoenix is reporting that Dunn has been traded to the Diamondbacks for three prospects, one of which is minor league pitcher Dallas Buck.

From ESPN:

In exchange for Dunn, Cincinnati will receive minor league pitcher Dallas Burk and two other players to be named later.

Buck was drafted by Arizona in the third round of the 2005 draft. Once a top-notch prospect, Buck’s draft status fell after had an elbow injury revealed on the eve of the ’05 draft that bumped him out of a likely first-round slot. He had Tommy John surgery last summer and had begun pitching in Single-A this summer.