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Hats off to you, Mr. Lloyd

Catching a home run ball at a Major League Baseball game? A dream come true. Catching two? Well, that’s just being damn lucky, and damn lucky is exactly what Thomas Moore student Caleb Lloyd is. Sitting in the first row of the left field stands, Caleb snagged Mike Leake’s first career home run in the fourth inning last night, Just minutes later, fate (and a bird, apparently) came falling from the sky again in the form of a Zack Cozart home run which Caleb also snared to secure his rightful place in GABP history. Well done, good sir.

Those two home runs were two-thirds of what ultimately became a back-to-back-to-back display of power from the Reds against Braves’ starter Mike Minor. Drew Stubbs rounded out the barrage with a shot to center field. The Reds went on to win the game 4-1.

Caleb enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame last night, getting invited up to the Fox Sport Ohio booth during the game for a little chat and was interviewed after the game by the media. We hear that FS Ohio will air some of the interview with him during Reds Live tonight, as technical difficulties impaired the broadcast.

Karma is certainly on his side, as Caleb graciously gave Mike Leake his home run ball after the game and also passed along the Cozart home run ball to his friend’s dad, who took them to the game.

A great night to put down the video game controller and head to the ballpark, eh?

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Gapper vs. Leake

Mike Leake 2012 Topps #308 Short Print

Gapper getting what he deserves?

Topps 2012 is out! Twitter has been nerding it up all day with famous folks busting packs and fools like us showing off the occasional gem or two from that rouge pack we snagged at Target while picking up laundry detergent, a card for grandma’s 88th birthday and a chocolate Nesquik® from the refrigerated section.

Oh! So, there’s this Mike Leake card with him and Gapper. It’s card #308 and apparently a short print. Not sure how short though. His regular issue is below. You can pick one up now if you’re hankerin’, but we’ll probably wait a bit ourselves.

Mike Leake 2012 Topps

Mike Leake's regular 2012 Topps issue

So, while the rest of the collecting world is crapping their pants about the Skip Schumaker/Rally Squirrel card, we’ll have this one to make fun of.

Stirrups? Yes please.

Mike Leake with the stirrups

This is correct.

Mike Leake with the stirrups


Mike Leake came back from his short stint in AAA with something to prove on the mound, but also some new hosiery stylings. We don’t exactly know why Mike decided to dig his stirrups out of the bottom of the sock drawer for tonights game, but we do know that he’s looking good, and when you look good, you play good.

This isn’t the first time Mike has been spotted taking it back to the old school in a Reds uniform. Before his MLB debut, he appeared in the 2009 Arizona Fall League All-Star game and broke out the stirrups. We were jazzed, of course.

This may be the first Reds stirrup sighting this season. Now, let’s not confuse stirrups with high socks, folks. While the high-sock is respectable, the stirrup is in a whole other category. A very “cool” and/or “neat” category is you ask us. Last year we saw some stirrupin’ from Orlando “Florida” Cabrera, Johnny “Rotten” Cueto and during the 2009 season, Joey “Ramon” Votto. Did we miss anyone? Oh… us.

Gotta say though, Mike has certainly worn them the best.

Long live the stirrup.


CBS Sportsline’s Gregg Doyel gives some love to his hometown Reds, but couldn’t resist including this gem in his column …

I watched Leake in the Reds’ clubhouse for 20 seconds before the game Wednesday, and in those 20 seconds he slapped the naked ass of Reds executive and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan and playfully goosed a (dressed) teammate with a bat handle.


Nice try, guy

Anyone else notice that a Braves fan (or at least a dude wearing a Heyward shersy) had Votto’s huge 8th inning homer to tie the game bounce off his hands?


• Apparently with the lack of run support the Reds have given Mike Leake (particularly earlier in the season) we’re not only going to keep him from winning the National League Rookie of the Year award but we’re also going to help Jason Heyward win it. In three games against the Reds, that’s the second time he’s beaten us (you may recall he beat us with a walk-off double May 19 in Atlanta.)

• Was I the only one pulling hair out knowing ahead of time exactly what Jay Bruce was going to do against the lefty reliever in the 8th. Gotta pinch-hit for him there.

• Uh-oh. Is that a closer in a non-save opp? I DO not like the looks of this.

• Anyone else almost shart a little when Brooks Conrad – who memorably victimized Coco Cordero earlier this season – almost did it again? Great catch by Heisey. I know this seems really knee-jerkish and I fully realize that Heisey has had his share of struggles against lefties too but I can’t help but think I’d like to see Heisey in the starting lineup a little more often and Bruce in there a little less often … he just needs more rest than he’s getting.

Reds Stirrup Watch

Mike Leake and his awesome stirrups

Mike Leake and his awesome stirrups

Mike Leake and his super-fly stirrups

Mike Leake and his super-fly stirrups

Four, count ’em FOUR Reds prospects rocked the 2009 AFL Rising Stars Game. It was great to see Yonder Alonso go 3 for 4 (Double, 2 RBI), Chris Heisey go 2-3 (1 HR, Double, Walk, 2 RBI) and Mike Leake pitch a scoreless inning. Zack Cozart didn’t make an appearance.

What did we love the most? A young Redlegs rockin’ real, honest-to-god stirrups. Sanitary sock and all, folks. Mike Leake’s hosiery choice is featured in the photos above. The future is now.