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Seperated at Birth: Joey Edition

Separated at Birth - Joey Votto and Joey Jay

Separated at Birth? Joey Votto and Joey Jay

Joey Votto and Reds Hall of Famer Joey Jay have a lot more in common than just a first name.

Hopefully they’ll have something else in common in a few years – a plaque in the Reds Hall of Fame.

Separated at Birth?

We’ve all seen Bronson flex his acting muscles before. That dude in the backseat of the car playing guitar in the commercial looks awfully familiar, no?

Separated at Birth?

Separated at Birth - Paul Janish and Felix Gaeta
Reds shortstop Paul Janish and Felix Gaeta of Battlestar Galactica. Suggested by West Coast Correspondent Mike, via @jeffersonation

Separated at birth?

Chris Welsh and Abe Lincoln
Chris Welsh and Abe Lincoln? We think so.

Is Chris Welsh actually the Abe Lincoln of baseball?

Big thanks to our loyal reader, C. Ritter for whipping up this one!

Separated at birth?

Jorge Cantu, Captain Kangaroo

Separated at birth?

Rob McElhenney, J.J. Hardy

OK, everybody loves to play the “Separated at Birth” game and we’re getting in on the fun.

Here’s one you hopefully haven’t seen before: Rob McElhenney from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (left) and Brewers shortstop J.J. Hardy.