2009 Topps Redsfest

2009 Topps Redsfest - Joey Votto

DATA: 2009 Topps Redsfest (8 of 8)

ACQUIRED: Redsfest 2009

PING: Like Redsfest 2008, the Reds handed out free Topps cards of several current Reds players. This is our favorite kind of Joey Votto card – free, exclusive and good lookin’. This card is nice preview of the 2010 Topps design, as where last year they used the previous year’s design. This card has a matte finish – great for using it for an autograph at Redsfest.

Here’s a look at all 8 cards from the 2009 Redsfest set.

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2008 Topps Redsfest Autographed

2008 Topps Redsfest

DATA: 2008 Topps Redsfest with Autograph

ACQUIRED: Redsfest 2008

PING: I’ve featured this card before, but not with the autograph. I’ve been really lucky with Joey Votto signing my cards. Joey signed this particular card at a Spring Training game in Sarasota, Florida. Joey came out of the dugout right before the game and signed for a ton of fans. He just happened to be signing at the isle I was sitting in. Of course, I had a card ready to go. The luck continued a few days later when I saw the Reds again, this time in Clearwater playing the Phillies. Joey signed before the game once again, and this time he signed my World Baseball Classic ball from my trip to Toronto for the 2009 WBC.

This card is not staying in my collection though, it’s going to my 3-year-old nephew and his fledgling autograph collection. He’ll really dig it in a few years.

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2008 Topps Redsfest

Joey Votto 2008 Topps Redsfest
DATA: 2008 Topps Redsfest

ACQUIRED: Redsfest XI (2008)

PING: This card was given away free at Redsfest this year as part of a promotion with Topps. It’s the basic 2008 Topps design on inexpensive card stock. The back includes 2008 stats and some some fun Q&A with the players. Other players in the Redsfest set include Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, Aaron Harang, Chris Dickerson, Bronson Arroyo, Jeff Keppinger and Ryan Freel. There is also a fold-out binder to collect them in (photo).

Not the best photo of Joey on this card, but it’s a fun giveaway from the Reds… so it’s all good to me.

Joey Votto 2008 Topps Redsfest back

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