Luka Doncic’s Rookie Card Sold for a Remarkable $3.12 million

The highest amount ever purchased for just a basketball card once at the highest bidder was $3.12 million including the buyer’s premium for an extraordinarily rare Luka Doncic rookie card.

The Most Costly Basketball Card in History

The 2018-19 Historic Buildings RPA Logoman is signed 1-of-1 and has an on-card book signed as well as a playmaker NBA shield symbol. This is the identical Doncic Logoman that allegedly sold for $4.6 million to a private seller in March 2021, making it the most costly basketball card in history. The benchmark for a sports card is indeed the $5.2 million LeBron James RPA, which PWCC negotiated in April 2021.

Luka’s Biggest Trading card

The Luka Logoman currently commands the second-and third-highest rates being paid for a basketball card, both publicly and privately. “This has been the highest amount historically achieved for just a basketball card purchased in a confirmed public auction,” PWCC VP of sales Jesse Craig stated. “This was a critical occasion for marketplace to determine the worth of Luka’s biggest trading card.”

Luka Now Ranks between LeBron and Jordan

If you add private transactions, Luka now ranks between LeBron and Jordan in case of enhanced revenues. With this sale, the market verified Luka is an uncommon company in terms of accounts receivable.