The Most Pervasive Sports Issues

Some individuals find it challenging or dull. Others are humiliated when they play because they are self-conscious. Some may have had a negative experience with sports as a child, which turned them off. This is very understandable. Below are some problems or issues encountered in every sport.



Developmental athletes overcompensate when undertraining. Athletes in development are subjected to adult training and competitive programs. Female athletes are subjected to training and competition frameworks established for male athletes. Preparation is aimed on short-term success rather than long-term growth.

The chronological age is used for training and competition rather than the developmental age. Most coaches overlook the critical phases in physical development when players have the best potential of achieving significant gains in skill, speed, stamina, strength, and suppleness training. Fundamental movement abilities and sport skills are not effectively taught. At the elite level, the most knowledgeable coaches work, while novice volunteers coach at the developing level, where excellent coaching is critical.



Failure to achieve peak performance in international tournaments. Poor mobility skills. Inadequate physical fitness. Inadequate skill development. Bad behaviors acquired as a result of winning-obsessed competition. Due to insufficient training, abilities are underdeveloped and unpolished.

Female athletes do not realize their full potential as a result of ineffective programming. Children are not having a good time in adult-led events. There is no planned development of the next generation of internationally successful athletes. Because of the structure of competitive programs, athletes are tugged in multiple directions by school, club, and provincial teams.