Welcome the 5G Domination to See Sports Transformation

The way we watch sports changes all the time, especially when there is technology involvement. However, 5G is about to revolutionize everything. This is what occurs when 5G, low-latency edge computing, and sports technology are combined.

The Way Technology will Change Fans’ Experience

You might argue that there is already too much technology in sports. In tennis, there’s a feature called ‘hawkeye,’ and in soccer, there’s ‘goal-line‘ technology. Anything more would surely be excessive?

However, if you’re in a live game inside a stadium watching players who are far away, you might choose something closer to home to keep up with what’s going on on the field.

Verizon 5G Multi-View is an example of that so-called technology already in use. There are about 70 stadiums in US and sporting arenas that have already been equipped with the American service provider’s 5G Ultra Wideband network.

Massive bandwidth and low latency are required for the Multi-View solution. Verizon can also provide seven streams of HD video to a smartphone in stadiums with 5G, allowing spectators to choose the preferred angle they want and go back to the video feeds to see immediate replays.

5G Changing the Game and the Players

Aside from the way we watch the game, 5G has the potential to change also how we observe the players. We’ll be able to watch the player’s movement and their way of handling the ball or racket, as well as assess the risk of harm.

This generation of athletes already has access to a vast amount of data to track their growth. However, whether it’s a single-player, a racket, puck, or ball, everything is set to the tracking record of real-time 5G.