Must-Read Sports Books of 2021

Before we bid farewell to the year 2021, there are some things that we need to have a look at. One of these is the top-rated sports books published during this year. So, if you are a sports enthusiast, see these books and check which one do you missed reading.

Top-Rated Sports Books of 2021

Here is the list of books about sports that become popular this 2021. All of them are worth reading, so check it out and grab a copy!

1-Hannah Ross’s RevolutionsĀ 

This book entitled “Revolutions – How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels” is all about the comprehensive history of female cycling. It showcases the free movement encounters Victorian aristocratic women into modern-day racers creating a new professional sport.

2-Rob Burrow’s Too Many Reasons to Live

Rob Burrow is actually an athlete who successfully topped the highest peak of the rugby competition. But, his successful era of being a rugby player was taken away by his motor neuron disease that was diagnosed after his retirement. In his book, Burrow discussed his traits while his battling over his career, self-awareness, and intelligence.

3-Billie Jean King’s All In

The story highlighted the sports of tennis. It all began with the various ways of treating boys and girls at the junior tournament in Los Angeles in 1950. All In is a book that may call for players’ equality while inside or outside the court.