The Latest News in Sports Today

As the first month of the year is already been coming to an end, here are the most updated news today in the sports world.

The End of Murray’s Australian Dream

A harshly baffled Andy Murray was taken out of the second round of the Australian Open on Thursday and said he probably won’t be back the following year in the event that his results this season didn’t coordinate to his assumptions.

The Entry of Williamson and Jamieson in ICC Test Group of the Year

Kane Williamson and Kyle Jamieson, the commander and bowler of the Black Caps, are the main New Zealanders to highlight in the ICC’s people’s T20, ODI and test groups of the year.

The pair are in the test group, with no New Zealanders in the men’s or alternately ladies’ T20 or One-Day groups of the year.

In Horse Racing: Dunne Requests Against Boycott for Tormenting Individual Rider Frost

Irish rider Robbie Dunne has pursued against a 18-month boycott forced on him for tormenting and irritating individual rider Bryony Frost, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) said on Thursday.

The board viewed Dunne to be unquestionably liable of tacky focusing on and conscious badgering on and off the course, and decided that there had been “incidental instances of risky harassing“.